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Nicole Peng

Nicole Peng


Nicole oversees Canalys’ mobility-focused advisory services. She leads an international team of analysts providing comprehensive market tracking data, forecasts and insights for the fast-changing mobility sectors. Nicole runs research programs that cover a wide range of consumer device categories, including smartphones, PCs, tablets, wearables, VR/AR and smart speakers, providing fact-based, forward-looking analysis of vendors’ business strategies, product market performance, channel dynamics and regional market trends. Using Canalys’ unique IP and network in the IT channel space, Nicole and her team conduct a wide range of research projects to support clients’ market expansion, channel validation, competitive studies and go-to-market strategies. She is frequently quoted in the top-tier press and often appears on TV as an expert commentator.

Nicole joined Canalys in 2007 and established Canalys’ Chinese office in Shanghai in 2011. She also manages the Chinese office operation to support Canalys’ worldwide business.

Nicole obtained a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from Nottingham University Business School. As part of her degree, she conducted research projects in a variety of business segments and developed business plans for new product commercialization. Nicole also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Westminster and studied at Guangdong University of Foreign Study.


Nicole is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

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Canalys: European smartphone market grew 8%, best performing region in Q3 2019

Canalys: Global smartphone market grew for first time in two years in Q3 2019

Canalys: 2019年第三季度全球智能手机市场两年来首次增长

Canalys: Huawei grows 66% in China smartphone market at expense of competition

Canalys: 2019年第三季度中国智能手机市场华为高速增长66%,竞争厂商受挫

Canalys: Global PC market posts record growth in 7 years, shipments up 4.7% in Q3 2019

Canalys: Chinese smartphone brands take 62% of Southeast Asia's 30.7 million shipments

Canalys: Samsung and Xiaomi surge in European smartphone market in Q2


캐널리스 : 정치적 긴장이 호조로 작용해 2019 2분기 글로벌 스마트폰 시장 감소에도 불구 삼성 약진

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Canalys: Samsung takes advantage of political tensions to grow against global smartphone decline in Q2 2019

Canalys: Huawei takes record 38% share in China as market softens before 5G launch

Canalys: Vivo ships 5.8 million smartphones to India in Q2 2019; breaks its own record

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Canalys: Vivo rockets 108% in India's flat smartphone market in Q1 2019

Canalys: Global smart speaker installed base to top 200 million by end of 2019

PC market to shrug off Intel woes and return to growth in second half of 2019

Smartphone shipments fall 6.3% in Europe in Q1 2018

Xiaomi posts strongest growth in three years, up 116% in Q1 2018, before IPO filing

CEOs from HP Inc and Lenovo to join 2018 Canalys Channels Forums

Media alert: Apple ships 29 million iPhone Xs in Q4 2017

Media alert: China smartphone market hits its highest shipment total ever

Media alert: Trump’s tough talk may crush Chinese vendors’ US plans

Media alert: China conquers India

Media alert: Over 2 million VR headsets to ship in 2016

Media alert: Huawei jumps 70% to ship over 10 million smart phones in EMEA in Q3 2016

Media alert: Smart watch market grows 60% in Q3 2016 as Apple ships 2.8 million units

Media alert: Fitbit dominates health and fitness wearables as basic bands exceed 9 million shipments

Media alert: Huawei’s smart phone shipments reach a new high in China

Media alert: Smart phone shipments returned to growth in Q2 2016

Media alert: 7.5 million cellular smart watches will ship in 2016

PC market at 2011 levels as tablets fall for the sixth quarter

Lenovo and Apple are fastest growing among India’s top 10 smart phone vendors

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Smart phone shipments fall as Apple struggles

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Lenovo takes third place in Indian smart phone market

Oil price collapse will accelerate data center investment in 2016

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Apple ships 71.7m smartphones in Q4 2018 as global market falls 6%

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'Chinese smartphone vendors take a record 32% market share in Europe in 2018' Canalys says

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Apple日本市場を独占 ―スマートフォンにおける日本市場は2018年第4四半期に3.8%減少したにもかかわらず、Appleは56%のシェアで日本市場を独占―

Indonesian smartphone market Q4 2018

Canalys expects fewer than 2 million foldable smartphones will ship in 2019

Smart speaker market booms in 2018, driven by Google, Alibaba and Xiaomi