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The top 121 channel podcasts

The top 121 channel podcasts

Since 2019, the podcast landscape has experienced explosive growth and significant evolution. Dive into the latest statistics, trends and business opportunities in the booming world of podcasts, and learn how to leverage these podcasts to educate, network and elevate your career in the channel industry.


Since we first started tracking partner ecosystem podcasts in 2019, there has been explosive growth in podcast adoption.

According to eMarketer, almost 60% of digital audio listeners in the United States listen to a podcast at least once a month, up from 37% in 2021. Podcast Index shows there are over 4.3 million podcasts worldwide. Much of the growth is attributed to smartphones and better podcast apps, driving almost two thirds of all minutes consumed. Podcasts are also truly global, with countries such as South Korea, Spain, Sweden and Australia posting larger adoption than the United States. It is also interesting that 80% of listeners tune in for most (or all) of every episode, with very little skipping around.

It is also becoming big business, with advertising revenue expected to exceed US$3.25 billion in 2024. Both Apple and Spotify made significant announcements in the past week around monetization for podcasters. Stay tuned, as this space is rapidly changing.

Smartphones are having the biggest impact by allowing people to listen to podcasts anywhere and anytime. As an extension of the smartphone, advances in headphone technology, such as wireless, noise-canceling, water resistance and ease of use, are driving new fans. The growth of personal digital assistants at home, including Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple’s Siri, are furthering accessibility. Finally, the proliferation of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto into new cars is broadening access to optimal listening times.

Channel, partnership, alliance and ecosystem topics include technology deep dives, news and analysis, industry trends, business building and partnership building. Channel podcast hosts include some of the biggest names in the channel industry. These movers and shakers recognize the power of this medium to educate and share ideas.

Why should you start listening to channel podcasts? Here are five good reasons:

  • Educate and entertain yourself.You can increase your channel and tech knowledge at home, at work, in the car and at the gym. Podcasts are a great way to pass the time while you’re stuck in traffic, putting in the miles on the treadmill or sitting on the beach.
  • Build your ecosystem network.On these channel podcasts, you’ll listen to a long list of channel chiefs and influencers. You can be part of the community and feel connected to the host and their guests. After the show, you have a great reason to reach out and connect with the people you hear.
  • Increase your channel net worth.Channel podcasts help you stay current on the latest channel trends, technologies and opportunities. After a few episodes, you’ll have valuable ideas to expand your business, impress your boss or share with your team.
  • Chart your ecosystem journey.Whether you are brand new to the channel or have been in it for years, you can learn from the career journeys of podcast hosts and guests. There are even channel podcasts specifically for young professionals looking to grow.
  • Get inspired.Ecosystem podcasts will inspire you to take your channel business and your channel career to the next level. They are usually presented in story format, which is more engaging and leads to better retention.

With our list of the 121 top channel podcasts (and counting), there’s something for everyone. Check out the list and try out various podcasts until you find the right mix of style and content that suits you best.

Know of a great channel or partnership podcast that we missed? Let us know!




actually, a podcast

Morgan McBride and Kelcye Blankenship-Lackland

Hi friends! We’re your hosts, Morgan McBride and Kelcye Blankenship-Lackland. We’re coming together and helping make the channel community a little bit brighter. in this podcast series, we’ll divulge our insights and advice and offer a fresh perspective for people early in their career and to seasoned veterans alike. We’re here to help make the channel community more collaborative, inclusive and a supportive space.


Kevin Craine

Where we explore the methods, technologies, processes, and people on the front lines of information management

ALL IN with Rick Jordan

Rick Jordan

This show is designed exclusively for the audacious visionaries and indispensable game-changers who fearlessly transform dreams into reality. It is here to revolutionize your path to unparalleled success. Brace yourself for the magnetic force of Rick Jordan, the unyielding CEO who clawed his way to the top through relentless determination and hard-won wisdom.

All Things MSP

Justin Esgar and Eric Anthony

Join hosts Justin Esgar and Eric Anthony as they discuss weekly the many facets of the IT services business and have some fun along the way. There will also be a steady flow of guests to provide their unique insights into the topic of the week.

Andy & John Talk Telecom

Andy Netzel, John Riewe

Andy Netzel and John Riewe discuss the latest in telecommunications news, products, and things 5G, fiber, and broadband. Join us for news, interviews, and food recommendations while on the road.

Arrow Bandwidth

Adam Catbagan, Davitt Potter

Welcome to Arrow Bandwidth, the podcast brought to you by Arrow ECS to help the channel better understand the trends, technologies and concepts facing the IT industry today.


Avrohom Gottheil

Welcome to #AskTheCEO, an online technology thought leadership community. Ask the CEO is a place where people can come to learn about the latest trends in technology, without a sales pitch, jargon, or call to action. Learn all about The Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Augmented/Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Vehicles, and other cutting-edge technologies.

ASM Connected

Jo Wilson

Don’t miss out on the ASM Connected Podcast where we talk with industry leaders and experts to gain future insights and knowledge to keep you one step ahead on the competition.

At C-Level

Jess Abell

At C-Level – an Intelligent Briefings brand. Welcome to At C-Level, the podcast where we speak to technology chiefs about how they’re making waves in the industry – chatting to them about their career journey so far, their management style and how they’re planning for what’s yet to come.

Avant Technology Insights

Ken Presti

Strategies for solving business challenges through today’s Information Technologies, with Ken Presti, VP of AVANT Research & Analytics, featuring the foremost thought leaders in the field. AVANT is an industry leading platform for IT Decision Making.

B2B Tech Talk with Ingram Micro

Travis King

Want to be the first to know about new technology before it becomes mainstream? Whether you’re an IT professional, CIO, investor in tech companies or even a computer science student, this podcast will bring you the information you need to stay relevant and be successful in the tech industry from some of the top people and companies in the world. Episodes will feature topics such as IoT, cloud evolution, augmented reality, the future of artificial intelligence, improving ROI and more.

Between Products and Partnerships

Liz Garcia

Building an ecosystem requires close collaboration between product and partnerships. We’re talking to product, partnership, and engineering leaders about how to build, support, and scale SaaS ecosystems that result in happier customers and more revenue. Watch, listen, or read the interviews.

Building a Profitable MSP

Chris Wiser

Welcome to the Building a Profitable MSP with Chris Wiser podcast where we dive deep into the world of MSPs! Join Chris Wiser (CEO of 7 Figure MSP), in this new podcast series for invaluable insights and strategies on how to build a Profitable MSP. Tune into our weekly interviews featuring industry experts and members of Chris’ Inner Circle programme as they discuss what sets highly successful MSPs apart. From cyber security to business management, we cover it all to help you thrive as an IT and MSP business owner. Don’t miss out on exclusive content and expert advice – hit that subscribe button now!

Business of Tech (MSPRadio)

Dave Sobel

Each day, the flood of technology news hits. In an industry that always changes, finding focus on the important things is critical. The Business of Tech podcast focuses on the news you need to know. Covering both the story and why it matters, this show brings you up to speed quickly, and gives you resources to go deeper. Keep up to speed with this newscast, delivered right to you.

Channel Chat

Marc Sumner

The go to place to learn from some of the IT Channels biggest names!

Channel Futures

Craig Galbraith & James Anderson

Industry experts discuss the hottest topics in the channel, including the latest in technology and how you can improve your business.

Channel Journeys Podcast

Rob Spee

Welcome to Channel Journeys, THE podcast for IT channel professionals who want to learn from and get to know other channel professionals. Join your host, Rob Spee, as he chats with channel experts who share their channel journeys and lessons learned along the way. From channel sales and marketing to channel technology and trends, Channel Journeys covers a wide range of topics that will entertain, inspire and empower you to have your best channel journey ever.

Channel Smart

Janet Schijns

Channel Evolution, Indirect Routes-to-Market, Alternate and Shadow Channels. Yep, the channel landscape gets super complex very rapidly. Navigating your business through that complexity can be daunting. That’s where we come in – we help tech vendors, distributors and channel firms succeed where others fall short. Subscribe to our bi-monthly pod, hosted by our CEO Janet Schijns, with forward-thinking industry guests, and learn from the best. Janet has built three five-star award-winning channel programs, and she’s here to share nuggets of real-world knowledge. So whether you’re just starting out or looking to retool your existing channel program, the time spent listening to our pod will serve you well. Time to control, alt, and most importantly, compete!

Channel Voices

Maciej Danielski

Channel Voices is The Podcast for Future Channel Leaders, where we learn the ins and outs of partner ecosystems through casual conversations with channel professionals from a variety of industries, partner types and geographies.

Channel Waves

Steven Kellam

A podcast for Channel Marketers, Channel Waves is a place where channel leaders share success strategies, best practices and emerging trends, brought to you by StructuredWeb.


Robert Dutt, the first news and analysis blog platform for the Canadian IT channel community with the stated goal of cutting through the noise for Canadian VARs and MSPs.

ChannelTalks by

Nick Verykios, Scott Frew

The go-to podcast for technology vendors, distributors and resellers wanting to protect and grow their revenue. Hear from key channel experts and influencers as they share their experience and best practices on topics such as installed base sales, customer retention, monetizing data, profitable growth and channel strategies.

Cloud N Clear

Tony Safoian

Welcome to Cloud N Clear, a podcast hosted by top leaders in cloud technology, created by Tony Safoian, President and CEO at SADA. As one of Google Cloud’s original launch partners, SADA has helped thousands of companies across many industries – including healthcare, media and entertainment, retail, manufacturing, and education – take full advantage of cloud technology. Learn from SADA, our customers, Google Cloud leaders, partners, and industry experts, about their journey and get key insights that will transform the way you do business.


Joe Saponare, Sam Valenica, Jerry Zigmont

Command-Control-Power is a weekly podcast hosted by three certified members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN), drawing from nearly half a century of combined experience operating technology consulting practices.

CompTIA Biz Tech Podcast


The Biz Tech Podcast focuses on the business of technology and CompTIA corporate membership. Listen in as industry leaders from CompTIA communities and councils discuss challenges and opportunities, strategies for success, leading and emerging technologies, and what it all means for your customers and your business.

CompTIA Volley

Carolyn April, Seth Robinson

Carolyn April and Seth Robinson from CompTIA’s research team toss the latest topics back and forth, sometimes with the help of market data and sometimes with guest appearances. Volley focuses on technology, channel business and trends.

Confessions of an IT Business Owner

Ryan Goodman

Confessions of an IT Business Owner is a podcast where we share inspiring stories of IT Business Owners, just like you, on how they’ve become healthy by improving their cash flow, automated their businesses, and built trust with their clients and prospects by looking more professional, growing their MSP’s.

Connecting IT

Dan Tomaszewski

The Connecting IT podcast provides managed service providers (MSPs) with the must-know information they need, on-the-go. Learn vital industry strategies and insights, hear commentary from experts in the trenches and behind the scenes to let you know where the market is going and how you can make the most of it. IT professionals are busy, which is why the Connecting IT Podcast is packed with valuable, concise insights you don’t want to miss.

Culture of Innovation

Nancy Ridge

Unconventional ideas are the seedbed of innovation and progress. In a Culture of Innovation we express our imagination and explore turning ideas into tangible ways to create value for our ecosystems and ourselves. Hear from Leaders who embrace and demonstrate innovation. Listen and be inspired as an Innovative Leader yourself. Together, we shape culture and change the world!

Cyber Security and Information Security Stormcast

Johannes B. Ullrich

A brief daily summary of what is important in cyber security. The podcast is published every weekday and designed to get you ready for the day with a brief, usually about 5 minute long, summary of current network security related events. The content is late breaking, educational and based on listener input as well as on input received by the SANS Internet Stormcenter.

Cyber Security Today

Howard Solomon

Updates on the latest cyber security threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.

Cyberwire podcast

Dave Bittner

The daily cybersecurity news and analysis industry leaders depend on. Published each weekday, the program also included interviews with a wide spectrum of experts from industry, academia, and research organizations all over the world.

Dark Mode Podcast

Gabe Marzano & Ben Sullivan

Dark Mode is a podcast that discusses technology’s impact on humanity. Within the first month of launch in 2022, Dark Mode became a Top 10 technology podcast in Australia and currently enjoys a regular audience of 5,000+ cross platform listeners. The co-hosts, Gabe Marzano and Ben Sullivan, are former military leaders who converged to build a $50M+ cyber security technology business and now partner with experts, industry and our global community to help people thrive in the digital world.

Darknet Diaries

Jack Rhysider

True stories from the dark side of the Internet. This is a podcast about hackers, breaches, APTs, hacktivism, cybercrime, and all the things that dwell on the hidden parts of the network. This is Darknet Diaries.

Datto State of the Channel


Hear directly from the Datto team on what’s new, what’s important, and what’s next--in the world of backup, recovery, business continuity, cloud, data protection, MSP best practices, and, of course, Datto.

Defensive Security Podcast

Jerry Bell, Andrew Kalat

Defensive Security is a weekly information security podcast which reviews recent high profile cyber security breaches, data breaches, malware infections and intrusions to identify lessons that we can learn and apply to the organizations we protect.

Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch

Interviews with authors, experts and thought leaders sharing business marketing tips, tactics and resources hosted by one America’s leading small business marketing experts

eChannelNEWS Podcast

Julian Lee

After 18 years, e-ChannelNews continues to be a leading daily electronic news magazine for the IT channel that delivers important industry insider’s information and trends that helps the channel to grow business and overcome business challenges. Each year, we deliver about 2,500 news articles so you are sure to find news that you can really use!

Ecosystem Aces

Chip Rodgers

Ecosystem Aces is dedicated to helping business leaders unleash the full potential of their partner network. Whether you’re just getting started with alliance partners, or you’re looking for advanced strategies and tactics, this podcast is for you.

End Of The Day With Ray

Ray Stasieczko

For nearly 30 years, I have called the Imaging Channel home. In that time, I have owned dealerships, served in senior leadership roles, and offered consulting services to help others transition. I am proud to have been a pioneer in both Managed IT Services and Managed Print Services. My vision continues to recognize early what many in the industry refuse to believe. TEASRA, The Innovation Channel was born of my passion for delivering the future to the present. It’s with an understanding that all reseller channels are at the mercy of these innovative times and only through collaboration and a willingness to look where others do not which eventually separates the innovators from those stuck in status quo.

Enterprise Security Today

Paul Asadoorian, Matt Alderman and John Strand

A look at the current state of enterprise security solutions, including new products, features and industry reporting.

Enterprise Software Podcast

Darcy Boerio, Bob McAdam, Todd McDaniel

The world’s first independent podcast dedicated to business applications. Enterprise Software news, views reviews and interviews for CEOs, CIOs, developers, users and partners.

Evolved Radio

Todd Kane

Interviews with technology experts, industry thought leaders, business leaders and other interesting minds. Exploring the evolution of business and technology.

Friends with Benefits

Jason and Sam Yarborough

Welcome to Friends with Benefits, the business podcast about revenue-generating partnerships. Not “business time” with friends. This podcast is for those looking to build professional relationships that last and add tremendous value to your company and maybe even you personally.


Tai Rattigan

Groundwork features leaders building partnerships ecosystems at the best tech companies around the world. Hosted by Tai Rattigan and developed by Partnership Leaders, this podcast will help you gain the insights needed to build a successful partner program, one episode at a time.

GTM News

Taylor Wells

What’s happening today in the world of B2B Go-To-Market. The world of B2B marketing, sales and even customer success is changing fast. Keep up to speed on the latest from industry experts in marketing, sales, customer success, and product to ensure you have a holistic strategy in these times. Who is it for? B2B Founders, CEO, marketing, sales, or customer success leaders or aspiring leaders that want to grow holistically across all the go to market functions. The best organizations treat GTM as one team, not separate organizations

Hashtag Trending

Baneet Braich, Alex Coop

When the conversation turns to technology, Hashtag Trending makes sure you’re in the know. We review the top trending tech topics from across the web – Twitter, Reddit, Google, Product Hunt and more.

Heads in the Clouds

David Portnowitz, John Roth, Frederick Weiss

Join three telecom industry leaders as they discuss tips and tricks in the Unified Communications world. Plus, meet their expert guests who share their own unique perspectives on the industry.

Howdy Partners

Will Taylor, Ben Wright, and Tom Burgess

This podcast covers the world of Strategic Alliances & Partnerships in tech. Join Will Taylor, Ben Wright, and Tom Burgess on the trail to green pastures and unchartered territory through raw stories and dialogue, allowing our listeners to learn and decide how strategic partnerships can drive success...whether you are a VP or a professional looking to break into the space, join us on the Howdy Partners journey.

Investible Partnerships

Des Russell

Not all partnerships succeed, but every partnership leader wants to be a driver of Partner impact. In the Investible Partnerships™ podcast, Des Russell dives into the daily battle for partner success that every partnership leader faces, as they try to maximize their relevance and value in partnerships. Des, through conversations with industry and business leaders dives into the thinking, tools and tenets partnership leaders are using to stop being constrained by a handful of partners to grow with and instead scale their impact with more investible partnerships.

It’s All About the Questions

Laura Steward

Through interviews with entrepreneurs, business and health experts and her own experience running a multi-state technology services company she founded and eventually sold, business strategist, speaker, podcast host and award winning international bestselling author Laura Steward will guide you to asking better questions for your business and life all with actionable advice and a few laughs along the way.

Killing IT Podcast

Ryan Morris, Karl Palachuk, and Dave Sobel

Commentary on the changing world of technology opportunities and emerging tech.

Let’s Talk About (Secur)IT

Philip de Souza

Philip is the president of Aurora, a security consulting services company. In this podcast, he will discuss all things technology, cybersecurity, entrepreneurship, and leadership. Philip’s monthly podcasts will provide an insight into his 30 years of experience as an IT business owner leader, mentor and his journey from Mumbai to Malibu. This podcast aims to inspire and entertain with the help of special never heard before perspectives from other leaders in the channel.

Literal Scratch

Jessie Shipman, Adam Pasch, Aaron Howerton

The three best friends that anybody could have get together on a weekly basis and speak freely about their partnerships experience and their opinions on the partnership news of the day.

Make Them Famous! — The Partner Enablement Podcast

Alex Glenn and Carina Shahin

In this podcast, we interview heads of partnerships, heads of revenue and sales, as well as the agencies involved in the partner programs of leading tech companies to uncover the secrets of partner activation and enablement. The title is in quotes to pay tribute to Pete Caputa, the originator of the phrase.

Market Impact Insights

Dan Albaum

Market Impact Insights provides the latest in business leadership perspectives. Hear from global marketing and sales leaders on strategies, tactics and tips to help your business grow and succeed.

Mike Tech Show

Mike Smith

My podcast is about all things technology and computer related. I discuss cool sites, software, tips and tricks that will make you more productive at home and work. I review problems and solutions that I encounter at home and with my consulting. I answer listeners’ tech questions and also discuss solutions from other listeners.

MSP Business School

Brian Doyle, Tim McNeil, Robb Rogers

A podcast geared to Technology Service Providers where we bring you strategies and tactics to grow your business and build a winning culture.

MSP Chat

Erick Simpson and Rich Freeman

A look at the strategies, services, and success tips IT providers need to make it big in managed services from two of the industry’s most experienced MSP authorities, Erick Simpson and Rich Freeman of Channel Mastered.

MSP Dispatch

Tony Francisco & Ray Orsini

MSP Dispatch is your source for news, community events, and commentary in the MSP channel.

MSP Mindset with Damien Stevens

Damien Stevens

Welcome to MSP mindset with Damien Stevens, where we have real conversations with real MSPs who have real struggles. We dive deep into all things business, including marketing, culture, work-life balance, and more, all to help you grow your business, think differently, and get out of your comfort zone.

MSP Startup Stories

Jimmy Hatzel

The #1 Podcast about MSP business owners and their start up story. MSPs are more than just security providers for small businesses, they are the 911 for cybersecurity. With this podcast, we will go back to the beginning, sit down with MSP owners and talk about the experiences that brought them here.

MSP Unplugged

Paco Lebron and Rick Smith

Learning how to run your I.T. Business is easier than you think! Join us for this weekly podcast where we discuss different ways to run your business whether it’s Managed Services, Consulting, Break-Fix and anything in between. We discuss topics ranging from how-to, customer service, business practices and more. Be a part of the show by emailing or joining the live chat.

MSP-INSIGHTS - Cloud & Managed Service Impulse

Olaf Kaiser

The podcast for managed service and cloud enthusiastic IT companies. Impulses from interviews with industry experts and from the life of a consultant by and with Olaf Kaiser. (German, DE)

MSP Marketing

Paul Green

This is a show just for MSPs who want to improve their marketing and grow their business. There’s a new episode every Tuesday on your favourite podcast platform. Every week there’s advice on how to get more new clients, grow Monthly Recurring Revenue, and ultimately increase net profit.

Nearbound Marketing

Logan Lyles

Marketing has changed. Ads are more expensive, standing out in a flooded inbox is so much harder, and the funnel isn’t a fun buying experience. If you want to solve the problems you’re facing as a marketer, it’s time to build a new playbook. Each episode of the Nearbound Marketing podcast features practitioners in the trenches of B2B Marketing who shares their insights on topics such as content marketing, influencer marketing, evangelism, affiliates, marketing partnerships, employee advocacy, executive thought leadership and more. Learn how to gain trust when you’re not in the buyer’s seat, how to market with people who have been there, and how to create value for your customers. There was Outbound. There was Inbound. Now there is Nearbound. Join us as we explore a new era of marketing. Brows past episodes & get more content to enable your marketing efforts at

Nerd Journey

John White and Nick Korte

We are John White and Nick Korte, two technologists with experience in IT operations and sales engineering who started this podcast in 2018. Our mission is to accelerate the career progression of technical professionals, increase job satisfaction, and give listeners the career advice we wish we’d been given earlier in our careers. Most people in technology fields do not realize just how many different roles one could pursue or what those roles truly entail. We find guests who either have experience in tech or with a perspective that would help the technologist or someone looking to get into the industry. While the advice may be helpful to listeners well beyond this, our main focus is on the technologist. Interviews with our guests are usually released in multiple parts to showcase career inflection points, point out patterns we’ve seen elsewhere, and dive deep into lessons learned along the way. Our show is clean, released weekly on Tuesdays, and can be found at

Next Generation Leadership

Mayka Rosales–Peterson and Bruce Wirt

The Next Generation Leadership podcast is a weekly show that provides advice to working professionals of all levels, including biweekly interviews with relevant and motivating leaders in business and entertainment. Each podcast highlights & showcases communication, leadership principles, and tells stories that illustrate putting those principles into practice in your business and personal life.

No Fluff MSP Marketing

Taher Hamid

Built by the marketing team that organically built Alltek Services from a small 3 person IT shop to a $4 million Managed Service Provider, No Fluff MSP Marketing cuts through the nonsense and provides actionable marketing advice that actually works for MSPs. This podcast is structured to be listened to starting at episode one if possible.

Now That’s IT: Stories of MSP Success

Chris Massey

Now that’s IT: Stories of MSP Success dives into the journeys of some of the trailblazers in the Managed Service Provider industry to find out how they used their passion for technology to help turn Managed Services into the thriving sector it is today.

Outcomes - Where Partnerships & SaaS Meet

Barrett King

The future belongs to operators who care about Outcomes. The show is about capturing the stories, the experiences, and the tactical advice of those across partnerships who have done the work and have something to say about it.


Mark Brigman

PARTNERNOMICS is a complete system of tools, strategies, and processes packaged into an online set of courses that shares the art and science of developing successful strategic partnerships.

Partnership Unpacked

Mile Allton

Partnership Unpacked is your go-to guide to growing your business through partnerships - quickly. Join award-winning marketer and partnership strategist Mike Allton as he meets the minds behind the brands and talks to exceptional experts with decades’ worth of partnership experience. Each episode unpacks winning strategies and latest trends - from influencer marketing to brand partnerships - and ideas that you can apply to your own business to grow exponentially.

Partnerships Unraveled

Alex Whitford

A weekly podcast that delves into the world of channel marketing and partnerships. In each episode, we focus on the nitty-gritty of the channel marketing ecosystem - from partner enablement to engagement, co-marketing, co-selling and the buzzwords around - offering actionable takeaways for both established companies and emerging success stories.


Rick McCutcheon

Watch interviews with the Dynamics 365 subject matter experts and thought leaders!


Jared Fuller and Isaac Morehouse

Join Producer Jared Fuller & Co-Host Isaac Morehouse on the world’s number 1 podcast on partnerships, PartnerUp. You’ll learn the secret lessons from the world’s leading partnership professionals and practitioners, but with that PartnerUp twist. Volumes of knowledge are shared about general sales and marketing, but PartnerUp is the only podcast dedicated to bringing you new learnings, hot takes, news, and expert guests every week on all things partnerships. Welcome to PartnerUp The Partnerships Podcast.

Podnutz Pro

Marvin Bee

Your Podcast for Business IT Support: Products, Stories and Tips to run your IT business better, smarter and faster!

PRM: The Ultimate Channel Sales & Partnerships Podcast

Paul Bird

Partnerships are the pathway to higher sales - and your customers. Are you equipping your channel partners with what they truly need to represent you? Are you choosing the right ecosystem partners? Do you trust your partners (and do they trust you)? Do you do your part for your partners? As we interview channel chiefs and other partnerships industry experts, we explore these questions and more. We’ll share channel management insights on how to navigate partnerships, support your partners, identify weak areas of your partner strategy, discuss the latest industry trends and reports, and more.

Q&A Discussions With IT Channel Executives

Paul Barker

Delving into what is important and what matters, CDN’s executive Q&A explores an assortment of different issues and perspectives from individuals in the know when it comes to channel strategies.

SaaS Connect - SaaS Partnerships & SaaS Leaders

Krish Ramineni⁠

All your questions answered for SaaS Partnerships & Leaders. From zero to hero, we will help you meet your revenue and other goals as you build an ecosystem to win your market. Brought to you by the Cloud Software Association, the 4000+ SaaS partnership leaders who are building the market for cloud software distribution. Join us free at

Security Now

Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte

Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.

Security Squawk

Bryan Hornung & Reginald Andre

Security Squawk is a business podcast dedicated to helping business people fight the war against cyber criminals.

Security Weekly News

Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian

The straight up security news in 10 minutes or less! Aaron Lyons, John Strand, Beau Bullock and Paul Asadoorian cover the latest breaches, tool released and vulnerabilities.

Selling Through Partnering Skills

Fred Copestake

Fred Copestake is the podcast host and author of the book ‘Selling Through Partnering Skills’. The concept of partnering intelligence (PQ) forms the basis of discussions with show guests.

Smashing Security

Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault

A helpful and hilarious take on the week’s tech SNAFUs. Computer security industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault chat with guests about cybercrime, hacking, and online privacy. It’s not your typical cybersecurity podcast

SMB Community Podcast

Karl Palachuk

Podcasts, articles, and reference materials for Managed Service Providers. Brought to you by internationally recognized MSP Consultant Karl W. Palachuk.

SolarWinds TechPod

Leon Adato, Liz Beavers, Sascha Giese, Patrick Hubbard, Kevin Kline, Thomas LaRock, Brandon Shopp, Kevin Sparenberg, Chrystal Taylor

Join the brightest SolarWinds minds and IT industry influencers, as they cut through the jargon and give you the tools you need to grow and keep your tech knowledge razor-sharp. Come with questions—leave with actionable steps and practical insights.

Sunday Morning Linux Review

Tony Bemus, Tom Lawrence, and Jay LaCroix

Sunday Morning Linux Review is a podcast with Tony Bemus, Mary Tee, and Tom Lawrence. We talked about the Linux and Open Source News. Edited episodes and show notes are found at

Sysadmin Today

Paul Joyner

Discussing and sharing ideas, solutions and strategies related to building and maintaining an IT infrastructure. Will also be sharing stories from the trenches, products and tools, virtualization, Office 365 and much more.

Tate Talks - The TotallyMSP Podcast

Chris Tate

Tate Talks is the Podcast Series from TotallyMSP. Join your host, Chris Tate, Global Strategic Alliances Director at MYKI as he speaks to various characters from the MSP world. Never technical, rarely on-topic, this is a time to see what makes the people that make the community we love.

TBI Talks Tech

Eric Hills, David Polakowski

TBI Talks Tech hosts Dave Polakowski and Eric Hills interview subject matter experts in the tech industry on topics ranging from digital transformation to cloud migration and security best practices. Hear from executives on M&A activity, changes in channel programs and future trends VARs, MSPs and IT Consultants need to know.

TECHtonic: Trends in Technology and Services

Thomas Lah

Join host Thomas Lah as he discusses shifts in the ever-changing technology industry with tech executives, researchers, and thought leaders who share their experience and provide their perspective and data on what companies should do to stay relevant, be profitable, and succeed.

TEConnect Podcast

John Martin, Dean Riverman, Sam Hughes

Keep up on all the latest information hitting the channel today! Featuring interviews, panel discussions and more from the industry’s top thought-leaders, discussing the trends and news you need to know.

Telco in 20

Danielle Royston

Give me 20 minutes, and we’ll cover the next 20 years in telco. Get the latest news, insights and best practices on how public cloud is transforming telecom – and enjoy a few laughs!

Telecom Reseller

Doug Green

UC, Microsoft Teams, UCaaS, CPaaS, Cloud, Collaboration, Mobility, CCaaS, Contact Center, Carriers, STIR/SHAKEN…we report on every way businesses and organizations communicate. Our collection of over 3,000 podcasts covers over a decade on how the world of business communications has changed. Join us as we report on the latest developments and issues that impact enterprise end users, MSPs, channel partners and carriers. Podcast

Iain Morris, Scott Bicheno

Once a week we get together in a studio somewhere in London to take the piss out of telecoms and technology for 40 minutes or so.

The Channel CEO

Kevin Lancaster

Welcome to the Channel CEO podcast, which brings together thought leaders and innovators revolutionizing the IT industry. Host Kevin Lancaster is a serial tech entrepreneur, angel investor, and strategic advisor to several high-growth tech companies focused on the channel. We sit down with “IT superheroes” each week to cover various topics. I will cover topics ranging from social selling and marketing to creating influence. And we will dig deep into their journey as entrepreneurs, how they view innovation, M&A, and the latest in the world of cybersecurity.

The Channel CRO

Kathleen Martin, Desraie Thomas

Welcome to The Channel CRO, the podcast that brings you insights from the minds shaping the future of channel partnerships. We’ll delve into the world of revenue growth through collaboration, optimizing channel performance, and expanding partner ecosystems. In each episode, we sit down with top CROs who possess unique expertise in channel strategies and enablement, setting them apart from other B2B CROs. They are the masterminds behind successful collaborations, navigating the intricate dynamics of indirect sales, and unleashing the true potential of channel partnerships.

The Cyberlaw Podcast

Stewart Baker

The Cyberlaw Podcast is a weekly interview series and discussion on the latest events in technology, security, privacy, and government. The podcast is hosted by Steptoe & Johnson LLP partner Stewart Baker, who is joined by a wide variety of guests including academics, politicians, authors, and reporters.

The ISV Society

Amiee Keenan

Collaborate. Educate. Generate.

The IT Experts Podcast

Ian Luckett

The IT Experts Podcast with Ian Luckett is designed to help ambitious IT/MSP business owners build a profitable tech business. In this show you will learn the complete tried and tested strategies that are working today as Ian helps techie business owners in the IT / MSP community on a daily basis. The content of this Podcast is a blend of expert advice and Interviews with some of the most successful people in the industry, offering massive value and a wide range of topics from his MSP profit Builder System. Whether his guests are experts from large enterprises, established IT/MSP businesses, serial entrepreneurs, or world class techies, they all have great stories and content to share. So, if you are preparing your IT/MSP business for growth, then we will help by sharing what IS and what ISN’T working in business right now. Our outcome for you listening to this podcast is that we help you to spend quality time working ON your business rather than being consumed IN it!

The MSP Initiative

George Bardissi, Alec Stanners, Ken Patterson

MSP Initiative was started by independent individuals and companies from around the IT & Managed Services landscape who wanted to come together and help build a new voice in the community. It is a collective of smart people, great companies, and community contributors who are working to bring great content, great conversation, and great events as a group. We strive to build another avenue to bring the IT community together.

The MSP Marketing Podcast

Scott Millar

Do you run a successful IT or managed service company? IT Rockstars are here to help grow your MSP to the next level. We talk with marketing and sales professionals about how to scale your sales pipeline. The podcast for managed service providers that are looking to grow their business.

The MSP Zone

Charles Weaver

Weekly discussion of news, events, and topics of interest to the global managed services professional community. Series will have the latest and most relevant discussions in managed services and cloud computing, featuring special guests and notable figures in the profession.

The Partner Channel Podcast

Daniel Graff-Radford

In each episode of the Partner Channel Podcast we will focus on a channel leader’s experience, wins, and challenges. We’ll also dive into their vision on the future of the channel ecosystem.

The Partner Connection

Cheryl Cook

Hear from and connect with industry leaders sharing a variety of topics relevant to our partners including the latest Dell Technologies strategies and how they align with our partners, listen to thought-leadership topics that are of interest to the tech world, as well as learn about trends we are seeing in the industry at large.

The Partnership Economy

David A. Yovanno & Todd Crawford

The Partnership Economy explores the power of partnerships through candid conversations and stories with industry leaders. Our hosts, David A. Yovanno, CEO and Todd Crawford, Co-founder, of, unpack the future of partnerships as a lever for scale and an opportunity to put the consumer first.

The Partnership Path


The Partnership Path is a blend of insights, expert advice, and strategies. Whether new or seasoned in partner management, this podcast guides you to become the go-to expert.

The Platform Journey

Avanish Sahai

“The Platform Journey” engages C-level leaders as they share their journey building some of the most important platforms and ecosystems in software. Hosted by Avanish Sahai, Tidemark Fellow and veteran leader of Salesforce, ServiceNow, Google Cloud’s ecosystem, and Hubspot board member. At Tidemark, we believe in the power of software category leaders transforming from a single-party application to a multi-product, multi-stakeholder platform. We’re excited to partner with Avanish and support the next generation of software platforms and ecosystems.

The RaaP: Resourcive as a Podcast

Kyle Hall & Nick Creasey

This podcast, presented by Resourcive, breaks down how new technologies are being deployed to solve business problems, and ultimately drive businesses forward. Hosted by Kyle Hall and Nick Creasey with featured guests that include business leaders, industry thought leaders, vendor executives, and more. Resourcive is a leading consulting agency advising middle-market and enterprise clients on IT service procurement. Technology topics include: UCaaS, CCaaS, Cloud, Networking, SD-WAN, Security, SASE, MSPs/MSSPs, SaaS Licensing.

The RocketMSP Podcast

Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is making educational, informative, and entertaining content for MSP / TSP business owners along with IT professionals that want to stay up to date on the latest tools we use, operational concepts, and insights into the current landscape in the channel. You should care because he doesn’t hold back and will ask vendors the questions that MSPs want answers to, not just the fluff they want to sell.

The Technology Bradcast

Bradley Gross

Bradley Gross, one of the top technology attorneys in the country, discusses security, licensing, and contract issues for MSPs. Learn what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it, so you can sleep more soundly and focus on what you do best.

The Trusted Advisor

Jim Roddy

“The Trusted Advisor,” powered by the Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA), is a content series designed specifically for point-of-sale resellers and software developers. Our goal is to educate you on the topics of leadership, management, hiring, sales, and other small business best practices.

TheInquisitor Podcast

Marcus Cauchi

Real-world, practical sales, management and channel sales advice for the ambitiously lazy by salespeople for salespeople

Top Gun Show

Steve Farmiloe

The Mission of the Top Gun Show is to bring you new providers, new technologies, and introduce you to the best professionals in the industry, all so you can make informed decisions. Decision makers are constantly bombarded with salespeople. The beauty of the Top Gun Show is that suppliers, vendors, and carriers can get their message directly into the laps of over 30,000 decision makers. Decision makers today like to do their own research. The Top Gun Show video podcast has grown in popularity because it is a trusted source of unbiased information.

Tubb Talk

Richard Tubb

For years I have been fortunate enough to regularly sit down and talk with the most successful and smartest people within the IT industry. At the end of those conversations, I have frequently thought “Wow! That was gold! I wish I could share that conversation with others!” Now, I’m sharing those conversations with you through my podcast! In TubbTalk – the Podcast for IT Consultants – I invite you to eavesdrop on to my conversations with the IT industries top thought leaders.

Twins Talk it Up Podcast

David & Danny Suk Brown

Twins Talk it Up is a podcast where identical twin brothers Danny Suk Brown and David Suk Brown discuss leadership communication strategies to support professionals who believe in the power of their own authentic voice. Together, we will explore tips and tools to increase both your influence and value. Along the way, let’s crush some goals, deliver winning sales pitches, and enjoy some laughs. Danny Suk Brown and David Suk Brown train on speaking and presentation skills. They also share from their keynote entitled, “Identically Opposite: the Pursuit of Identity”.

UC Today

Rob Scott & David Dungay

Listen on your daily commute, whilst walking the dog, or in the gym. UC Today provides bite size podcasts, bringing you all of the latest industry news, reviews and opinions from some of the market’s leading thinkers. is the leading news and reviews platform for the Unified Communications industry.

Ultimate Guide To Partnering

Vince Menzione

Ultimate Guide to Partnering® – hosted by Vince Menzione, Founder of Ultimate Partnerships, LLC and a proven industry sales, and partner executive, unlocks success formulas, business strategies, and best practices of top technology leaders to help you thrive and survive in the rapid age of cloud transformation.


Asher Mathew & Kelly Sarabyn

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses buy. But the direct marketing and sales playbooks that are decades old are still in use. On Unlearn, Asher Mathew and Kelly Sarabyn talk to leaders who are unlearning old motions and innovating in how they Go-To-Market. We take a deep dive into community, partnerships and ecosystems, dark social, customer centricity, market incentives, and new tactics none of us have heard of yet but are already working.

VMware Partnership Perspectives

Anna Lawler

For tech and business leaders partnering with VMware, we discuss trends, topics, and strategies for moving the business forward in the digital era. You’ll hear from a range of global executives-including VMware leadership-about their struggles, successes, and strategies for handling what’s coming next.

West Wonders

West McDonald

West Wonders isn’t just some talking head or self-proclaimed expert telling you what to do. It’s also not a “how to make money on YouTube” channel. It’s about asking business-related questions (mostly) and seeking answers TOGETHER (always!) to help us all navigate the challenges and opportunities of doing business in this new era. If you’re interested in innovating your business and keen on having great conversations, this channel is for you!

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