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The top 117 consultants and agencies for technology vendors, distributors and partners

The top 117 consultants and agencies for technology vendors, distributors and partners

Channel and partnership-focused consultants and agencies offer deep expertise, objective perspectives, regulatory guidance, networks, partnerships and more. While the importance of agencies and consultants differs depending on specific needs and situations, they can elevate any company in the partner ecosystem, if properly leveraged.


Channel leaders seeking to elevate their business can find immense value in partnering with channel and partnership-focused consultants. These experts offer several significant advantages:

Deep expertise: Consultants possess comprehensive knowledge of the ecosystem, staying ahead of trends, regulations and best practices. They bring insights and solutions that may surpass the internal team’s grasp, leveraging an average of 14 years of experience in the channel. Many consultants and agencies bring even more experience than that: the oldest on the list was founded in 1989.

Objective perspective: Their external viewpoint allows them to identify blind spots and challenge established assumptions within the organization. This objective outlook helps channel leaders see their business from a fresh perspective, fostering productive change.

Problem-solving skills: Skilled consultants excel at analyzing complex challenges, crafting creative solutions and navigating the hurdles of implementation. They bring expertise, ensuring smoother and more effective progress toward desired outcomes.

Project management: Effective consultants are adept at managing intricate projects. They introduce structure, methodology and their own expertise to efficiently handle resources and timelines, ensuring projects stay on track and goals are achieved.

Network leverage: Many consultants boast extensive industry networks and connections. This allows them to facilitate new partnerships, open doors to untapped markets and potentially broker lucrative deals for clients.

Through partnering with ecosystem-focused consultants, firms can gain access to specialized knowledge, an objective perspective and valuable problem-solving skills. This combination empowers tech vendors, distributors and partners to manage complex projects effectively, leverage industry connections and ultimately elevate their business to new heights.

Channel-focused agencies are also important for channel leaders looking to navigate the ecosystem. Here’s why they matter:

  • Agencies can develop customized solutions, including marketing strategies, websites and campaigns. This tailored approach often leads to more effective results compared with generic solutions.
  • Agencies often have established networks and partnerships within the ecosystem. This can provide clients with access to valuable resources, influencers and opportunities for collaboration that can enhance their digital presence and business outcomes. They also bring unique competitive insights.
  • Certain sectors, such as the public sector, have strict regulatory requirements governing digital marketing and communications. Digital agencies are well-versed in these regulations and can ensure their clients remain compliant while still achieving their marketing objectives.
  • By working with a digital agency specializing in the channel, businesses can gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the agency’s insights, strategies and technologies tailored to the specific challenges and opportunities within the industry.
  • Agencies often stay up to date with the latest trends in technologies and best practices. They can proactively incorporate these advancements into their clients’ digital strategies, ensuring they remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Overall, ecosystem-focused agencies can be instrumental in helping businesses maximize their online presence, reach their target audience effectively and achieve business objectives.

Ultimately, the importance of channel- and partnership-focused consultants and agencies depends on your specific needs and situation. Consider these factors when making a decision:

  1. Specialized knowledge: Do they have industry, geographic, sector, product, programmatic or business model experience?
  2. Nature of your challenge: Is it complex, requiring specialized knowledge or an outside perspective?
  3. Internal resources: Do you have the necessary expertise and capacity within your team?
  4. Budget constraints: Can you afford the cost of hiring a consultant, considering their potential value?
  5. Cultural alignment: Will the consultant integrate well with your company culture and leadership?

By carefully evaluating your needs and aligning them with the potential benefits of consultants and agencies, you can determine if they are a valuable asset for your business. But it’s essential to choose consultants carefully and ensure they have the right qualifications, track record and cultural fit for your organization. Additionally, while consultants can offer valuable insights, ultimately, it’s up to the company to implement and sustain the recommended strategies for long-term success.

A special thanks goes to Patricia Rush, who helped with the construction of this list. She successfully exited this list herself in January with her company’s acquisition by JSG.

See below for a list of the top 117 consultants and agencies for the partner ecosystem:

Company Key
Headquarters Year founded Employees (2024) Two-year growth Description
Acceleration Partners Robert Glazer Boston, MA 2007 294 2% Acceleration Partners is the premier global partnership marketing agency. By focusing on Better People, Better Processes and Better Performance, our team sets the standard for how brands efficiently grow and refine their marketing partnerships anywhere in the world.
AchieveUnite Theresa Caragol Alexandria, VA 2016 40 33% AchieveUnite Delivers Next Level Partnering Success. At AchieveUnite, we're on a bold mission to empower organizations to excel through the power of trust and dynamic partnerships. Our team is comprised of experts with extensive executive leadership experience in partnering, sales, channel leadership, and coaching. Leveraging this wealth of knowledge, we are the partnering success company that drives transformational business results through our advisory, people development practices, and growth catalyst programs.
AFV - A Fluent Vision Patricia Olivieri Roseland, NJ 2001 27 4% AFV helps IT solution providers create more engaging relationships with customers and prospects through our marketing tools and educational resources. We are a full-service IT sales & marketing agency driving growth for solution providers, distributors, and manufacturers. Our team of specialists delivers managed marketing, on-demand, creative agency, sales training, and executive consulting services.
Alinea Partners Leahanne Hobson Vienna, Austria 2005 13 -19% Alinea Partners consistently assesses and transforms customer experiences, sales journeys, and portfolios for the biggest IT/telco companies - and their channel partners - globally. We give our clients an in-depth view of the strengths and weaknesses across their entire customer and sales journey and support them as they make major transitions throughout their channel from product to software, software to services, or build funnels for entirely new business models, more profit and customer stickiness.
Alliance Best Practice Mike
Warwick, UK 2002 8 14% Alliance Best Practice Ltd (ABP) is a strategic alliance research and benchmarking consultancy based in the United Kingdom. Its partners are a group of independent alliance experts who each specialize in some aspect of strategic alliance formation or management. Its goal is to increase the knowledge and subsequent adoption of proven best practice principles in alliance optimization. To support it in this endeavor it has researched strategic alliances deeply and maintains an extensive database of observations of alliances in action gained from many leading edge partnering organizations.
Alliancesphere Lorin
Atlanta, GA 2002 14 -22% Make collaboration a habit throughout your Enterprise. Since 2002, Alliancesphere has helped leading businesses collaborate with customers and partners, and across internal stakeholders, to predictably turn shared visions into transformative innovation, measurable mutual value, and sustained growth. Alliancesphere provides the only end-to-end approach to collaborative relationship execution in the market. Our holistic approach ensures the orchestration of internal stakeholders across business units and from executives to the frontline.
Altman Solon Rory
Boston, MA 1996 645 20% In 2020, Altman Vilandrie & Company and Solon Management Consulting cemented a decade-long partnership across the Atlantic to form Altman Solon, the world’s largest global strategy consulting firm with an exclusive focus on the TMT sector. Our consultants are united by our passion and intellectual curiosity for the Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) sectors. These sectors, representing a US$5+ trillion global market, are defined by remarkable technological innovations, business model disruptions, rapidly shifting consumer demands, shrinking barriers to entry, and confusing regulatory changes – challenges that Altman Solon is prepared for and eager to address on behalf of our clients.
Alveo Bruce Sherman Scottsdale, AZ 2017 1 -67% Alveo is a go-to-market services company specializing in the IT channel. We work with B2B technology and service companies to accelerate their journey to scalable and sustainable revenue growth. With over 50+ years of IT channel experience, we have worked with multiple IT channel companies ranging from SMB service providers to Fortune 100 IT Distributors. All of our recommendations are built custom and aligned to our GTM Maturity Model, so they can be implemented from day one with your existing resources or the support of our team.
An Unfair Advantage David Caravella Stamford, CT 2021 1 0% I help transform your company's Partnering Culture to be more responsive to the changing Partner Ecosystem we’re experiencing.

Transformation: I help companies transform their Partnering Cultures and build a common approach to working with Partners that allows software companies proactively, effectively, and efficiently engage with large consultancies.

My Process: I use a co-dependent process based on mutual trust, cooperation, and leverage that transfers knowledge to the client teams. The transfer process teaches and coaches sales and partnership teams how to score those three attributes in the first meeting with each prospective partner or partnership leader.
ANDfutureproof Alex
Zug, Switzerland 2022 1 0% We are a Business and Innovation Ecosystem Consultancy. We help you make your ecosystems and platforms grow to create value for all. We support you in... 1/ Ecosystem Strategy, Design and Execution 2/ Manage running Business and Ecosystems simultaneously 3/ Ecosystem Expansion through innovation and M&A We operate with a transparent subscription based model that allows you to get done what needs to get done fast, rather than negotiating hidden hourly rate cards. You get our unconditional commitment to your ecosystem cause. You get obsessed, seasoned entrepreneurs, (financial) analysts, strategists, innovators, product owners, storytellers, community managers, coaches, content creators to support and guide you and your teams.
AscendX Digital Sherry Foster Toronto, Canada 2020 1 0% At AscendX Digital Inc., we deliver the industry's first and only Through-Channel-Marketing as-a-Service. With only 58% of marketers utilizing their martech stack's potential, we know there is a better way. Don't buy another tool you won't use. Instead, partner with us to deliver results. You focus on strategy and we'll focus on making it happen, with technology, automation, best practices, and experience. Start small, grow, add on, and pay only for what you use/need. We are the channel marketing automation experts, connecting manufacturers/vendors, distributors, and their partners. We leverage the combined power of the ecosystem, to connect, engage, and accelerate growth with customers online.
Beaver Partner Sebastien Moreau Paris, France 2020 2 -33%

Beaver Partner is a business strategy consulting firm. Founded in 2020 Beaver Partner’s aim is to build strategic alliances and partnerships for companies, particularly those experiencing strong growth. It has more than fifteen years’ experience supporting companies in defining and executing business plans, leading complex alliances with high added value (particularly in SaaS environments) or directing indirect income for start-ups, locally or internationally. Today it want offers a new approach to the profession. Supporters of “win-win” and “end-to-end”, its approach is intended to be disruptive, comprehensive, and fair. We offer a complete management offering to companies wishing to accelerate growth.

Blitz Masters Andrea Sittig-Rolf Seattle, WA 2002 7 17% Stop selling, start connecting! BlitzMasters is the proven sales enablement company for the channel, with prospecting workshops and call campaigns that work! BlitzMasters has a repeatable, scalable, and fun process that empowers salespeople with new skills, tools, and confidence to connect with prospects and start the sales process. BlitzMasters brings the power of human connection back to your demand generation and sales enablement process. BlitzMasters offers engaging and impactful sales blitz workshops and training, virtually and on-site. Perfect for sales teams working from home, BlitzMasters inspires salespeople to schedule appointments and build net-new pipeline for your solutions. BlitzMasters understands the tech industry, the channel, and your business.
Blue Print Partners Arthur Ginsberg London, UK 1996 54 26% Driving engagement. Transforming behavior. Delivering engaging experiences, Transformational programs and exciting content for clients including Samsung, Adobe, Aston Martin, JLR, Lotus and many more. One of the Top 10 Best Small Companies to work for in Marketing in the UK.
Bridge Alliance Group Richard Sexton San Francisco, CA 2018 2 -75% Our go-to market services help our clients to successfully identify the right strategies and build out the operational routes to achieve growth with efficiency.
BuzzTheory Strategies Casey Freymuth Phoenix, AZ 2014 8 -20% BuzzTheory is a content-centric marketing services firm specializing in marketing solutions for technology firms that need to reach prospects, customers, media, investors and both direct and indirect sales channels. We deliver all forms of content marketing, digital marketing, sales enablement, video marketing and podcast development and marketing, and event management.
Channel Advisors Kameron Olsen Roanoake, TX, USA 2023 3 N/A Our Focus The channel is an amazing ecosystem made up of the synergies between suppliers, partners, and technology solutions brokers/distributors (TSD/TSB). Each one of these parties has a vital role and responsibility for providing value and service back into the channel while maintaining the very delicate balance of providing the right experience to the other two parties to find success for everyone. Our team is comprised of seasoned industry experts who have decades of experience working within the channel at different roles and holding divergent responsibilities. We have firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities that arise when these groups collaborate effectively. We are passionate about sharing our expertise with others, and we believe that by working together, we can create a more robust, efficient, and prosperous channel ecosystem for you.
Channel Advisors (Romania) Marius Persinaru Bucharest, Romania 2021 2 0% We provide specialized consulting and training services addressing Indirect channel sales across all industries in areas of channel startup and design, channel management, channel marketing, partner development and enablement, partner experience programs, and channel learning.
Channel Agency, The Glenn Robertson Battle, UK 2005 15 -6% We are indirect specialists with decades of experience delivering success across the global channel. Put simply, we exist to support and assist you in maximizing your indirect revenue. Since our founding in 2005, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to helping vendors and distributors boost revenue, foster relationships, and maximize ROI from their indirect GTM. The channel can be complex and often underappreciated, we get it. We truly understand this space and go above and beyond to provide exceptional channel services that have been historically lacking. Our extensive experience and unparalleled expertise enable us to deliver impactful results that are precisely tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of every part of the Channel.
Channel Consulting Corp (C3) Keith
Philadelphia, PA 2005 2 0% C3 is a distinctly focused management consulting firm that specializes in enabling vendor based technology companies in channel strategy, design, and execution – with the goals of achieving substantive revenue growth and increased corporate value for our customers. C3’s expertise within channels spans VAR, retail, and distribution, as well as overlaying expertise in building/enabling/energizing cloud channels.
Channel Dynamics Moheb Moses Sydney, Australia 2004 7 -22% Channel Dynamics is a boutique channel consulting firm, specialising in assisting ICT (Information & Communications Technology) companies to sell more effectively, through superior channel sales training programs and marketing strategies. Our objective is to help organizations select the right partners, develop meaningful programs, and achieve great results. In order to accomplish this, we focus on improving two key areas: 1. Vendor-to-Channel engagement (ie. helping the vendor engage more effectively with the channel) and 2. Channel-to-End-user sell through (ie. improving the channel's ability to sell the vendor's products)
Channel Edge Matt
Basingstoke, UK 2019 5 150% Channel Edge is a premium channel engagement provider of digital, in person and blended experiences, combining native Channel knowledge and expert marketing and consultancy products and services.
Channel Force Craig
Chapel Hill, NC 2021 5 25% Channel Force is a channel sales training company on a simple mission to help our clients build better performing, more profitable selling channels. Our online training classes are designed to organize, educate, and equip our clients with a proven demand creation process resulting in increased sales.
Channel Impact Laura
Moraga, CA 2005 70 21% You’re responsible for generating partner-driven revenue. We have the solutions to help you succeed. With over 900 placements at Fortune 500 tech giants and 2700+ successful projects completed, we have a proven track record of helping tech companies achieve their partnership goals. Our team is at the heart of our success - highly skilled channel careerists who make an impact. We're client-centric, focused on helping tech companies achieve more partner-driven revenue with talent solutions that flex with the needs of your business, sales enablement tools for your sellers, and events that get results. We're also a proud WBENC-certified firm that’s committed to diversity and inclusion. Let's work together to boost your partner success.
Channel Institute Mike
Dublin, Ireland 2017 2 0% The Channel Institute is the only training body in the world that provides business training specifically for the channel profession through a syllabus approved by a vendor-independent Industry Advisory Council. Training for the business aspect of the channel profession has historically been ad hoc. Each employer has their own channel marketing and channel management training course, supplemented by various channel consulting companies providing non-standardized workshops. The Channel Institute aims to bring a more formal, standardized structure to learning for channel professionals, especially those that are relatively new to the profession. Our Industry Advisory Council is comprised of the most senior leadership in the channel profession at many of the world's largest employers.
Channel Mastered Erick Simpson Fullerton, California 2023 9 N/A Channel Mastered is the ultimate destination for channel vendors looking to refine their MSP channel strategy and stay ahead of the competition. Our team of multi-award-winning MSP channel experts is dedicated to helping vendors build successful channel programs that drive growth and revenue. We offer a range of services, from research and analysis of the latest channel trends to channel assessment and optimization to partner recruitment and enablement. Our goal is to help vendors maximize the potential of their channel programs, while minimizing risk and maximizing ROI. At Channel Mastered you'll find a wealth of resources to help you stay up to date on the latest channel trends and best practices. Our blog features articles on everything from channel strategy and sales enablement to partner management and success. We also offer in-depth research reports and white papers that provide valuable insights into the MSP channel landscape.
Channel Maven (360 Insights) Heather Margolis Boulder, CO 2009 5 -17% Part of the 360insights family, Channel Maven provides strategic Channel Marketing consulting to IT Channel organizations of all sizes. Channel Maven™ was founded by Heather K. Margolis. Heather has led channel programs for companies like EMC, EqualLogic, and Dell. Channel Maven Consulting knows that no, singular Channel strategy fits every organization. That’s why we work with you to understand your current Channel Programs, define your goals, and assess your resources. Along the way, our clients don’t just find their place on the map, they gain insights on their unique advantages to successful implementation and continued agile management.
Channel Motions Bob
Berlin, MA 2022 1 0% Channel Motions Consulting specializes in partner channel development and revenue generation for small-to-mid-sized independent software vendors (ISVs). We work closely with each client to ensure their strategic, operational, programmatic, and cultural readiness for successful partnering in a rapidly changing ecosystem. Consulting, advisory, and contract engagements Include - channel strategy development, partner-centric readiness, partner targeting & acquisition, partner program creation, channel operations, partner enablement
Channel Sales World Greg Eckstein Singapore 2007 3 0% Award-winning channel sales training company providing a broad range of competencies and certifications designed to influence partner mindshare and investment. Our accredited courses provide modern forms of enablement addressing the economics, financial and marketing aspects of a successful channel ecosystem.
Channelnomics Larry
Port Washington, NY 2010 16 14% Channelnomics is a global analyst and research firm that helps technology vendors and service providers fine-tune their channels, win customers, and sharpen their competitive edge. The company offers a portfolio of best-in-class products and services, including research, market analysis, thought-leadership content, and expert guidance. The innovative analysts at Channelnomics leverage data to develop customized route-to-market strategies for any client that wants to translate vision into value.
ChannelWise Kathryn Rose Framingham, MA 2020 9 350% On demand, expert advice for the channel. Give your partners the tools to start, build and grow their business.
ClikCloud Dan
Orange County, CA 2011 2 -25% ClikCloud is a pay-as-you-go digital marketing service that provides turnkey websites, blogs, email marketing and social media programs for an affordable, fixed monthly fee. ClikCloud is Hootsuite Certified and offers an array of search engine marketing services from pay per click management to SEO. ClikCloud Advisory Services offers go to market support for emerging companies. Clients include companies providing business continuity, disaster recovery, cloud services, IT managed services, staffing organizations, property management, and mobile application developers. Founded in 2011, ClikCloud is your one stop shop for all your company’s marketing needs
Coachere Yvonne Matzk London, UK 2020 1 0% Coachere is a Coaching and Consulting business created to help solve the multiple challenges faced by both individuals and companies in the tech and financial industries. Motivated by driving change and solving problems, Coachere uses a blend of Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring to make the changes needed to be successful and adapt in today's ever-changing world. As an advocate of Woman In Tech and diversity, Coachere can help individuals navigate their way through the industry and companies learn how to become more successful by creating a more diverse culture. Passionate about partnerships, a deep understanding of the IT Channel, and a proven track record, Coachere can also help organizations build strong relationships, profitable go-to-market strategies and strong partner eco-systems.
Cogent Growth Partners Rick
Atlanta, GA 2010 14 0% Cogent Growth Partners is the leading merger & acquisition advisory firm in the IT Services space since 2010. We help companies in the MSP, CSP, MSSP, VAR and Hosted Services sectors, effectively grow their business via strategic acquisitions, across the USA and Canada. We work exclusively in IT, that’s all we do. Cogent also does the bulk of the work so that each side can stay focused on running their respective businesses while we do the heavy lifting. We provide a comprehensive suite of IT industry specific M&A services, including candidate research, outreach and match making, initial due diligence and transaction modeling, deal negotiation, and we also create and deliver systematic transaction paperwork and supporting documentation, including confirmatory due diligence analysis, all the way through to a successful closing.
Collabtogrow Ken
Boston, Massachusetts 2017 3 0% Collabtogrow provides training, coaching, and consulting services to help partnerships, alliances, and ecosystems succeed. Collabtogrow partners with Partnernomics® as a certified implementer of the Partnernomics methodology. All of Collabtogrow’s service offerings are aligned with and underpinned by Partnernomics proven partnering methodology. Collaborating with Partnernomics provides our trainers, coaches and consultants access to a methodology that has been implemented by companies in over 75 countries over the last eight years. Additionally, Partnernomics has developed the only university-backed partnering methodology certification implemented by organizations globally of all sizes — from startups to Fortune 500s.
Comb Mary J.
Cambridge, Ontario 2021 1 0% Impartner Admin as a service, platform configuration & management, and partner program assessments. Let's make it easy for partners to do business with you. Call Comb today for a free consultation.
compuBase consulting Jack Mandard Les Ulis, France 1989 27 -10% compuBase is the premier provider of channel information for professionals in the IT and telecom sectors, including resellers, networks, ISVs, and telecom companies. Serving manufacturers, software publishers, and service providers in both IT and telecommunications, we leverage our expansive channel information database along with over three decades of ICT industry expertise. This unique blend equips us to offer a comprehensive suite of channel business intelligence and marketing services, designed to enhance and optimize our clients' indirect sales networks.
Demand Spring Matt
Ottawa, Canada 2012 36 -12% Demand Spring is an integrated revenue marketing consultancy that helps marketing organizations stand taller by enabling them to scale their ability to contribute to pipeline and revenue. Our team of revenue marketing strategists, content marketers, marketing technologists, advisors, and digital marketers help our clients transform their marketing practices, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive revenue.
Digital Bridge Partners Allan
Seattle, WA 2011 5 -17% At Digital Bridge Partners, we help revenue and partner teams unlock their ecosystem potential, creating high-impact strategies, designing scalable programs and playbooks, and accelerating execution. Our offerings are based on unique ecosystem-driven methodologies, “GoToEco” thought leadership, executive-level and practitioner expertise, deep knowledge of market trends and best practices, and custom research and evaluation. We have a proven track record of successful, long-term, repeat engagements with many of the most recognizable brands in the high technology industry.
DLH Services Dede
Annapolis, MD 2003 4 0% Not enough sales reps to make the numbers your high-tech company needs to grow? DLH Services helps you increase revenue by building an effective channel sales force through strategic relationships with technology partners, resellers, and systems integrators. We have been creating profitable sales channels for our customers since 2003.
Edge Consulting Tom
Portland, OR 2023 1 N/A Edge Partner Consulting is a management consultancy providing advisory services to Software as a Service (SaaS) providers seeking to build and expand their partner strategy. Expert advisory services that elevate people, processes and SaaS Partner programs. Amplify: add, mature and modernized partner strategies for late-stage software companies. Dead reckoning: guide and advise early-stage startups on SaaS solution GTM motions, with and without partnerships. Talent development: elevating Sales, partnership and business development professionals by increasing skills and proficiency, which contributes to the achievement of career objectives
Bournemouth, UK 1996 535 -4% Welcome to EIMS. The technology lead-generation, sales and channel experts. We deliver world-class marketing, sales and channel solutions that help technology companies to grow revenues across EMEA, APAC and the Americas. With nearly 20 years of experience serving IT clients, we know how to maximize your ROI, whether you’re targeting enterprise clients direct or the SMB market via channel partners. Our in-depth understanding of the business culture in each country will give you a competitive edge in any language. Working with us is simple, scalable and cost-effective. We have experienced teams in local offices across the globe to give you the comfort of a local presence, but every office is linked with common systems and processes, to offer you a convenient one-stop-shop for all markets and languages. Our purpose in life is to help you sell better, faster and more effectively than you do today using our B2B IT lead generation, sales & channel solutions.
EQ Selling John
Redondo Beach, CA 2006 5 67% Maximize your sales potential with EQ Selling specializing in technology sales for enterprise and partner & channel management teams In the fast-paced world of tech sales, success demands more than just experience. It requires innovation, precision, and confidence. At EQ Selling, we understand your challenges in this ever-evolving landscape. With a proven track record partnering with tech giants worldwide, our founder, John Rudow, brings 35 years of industry experience. Over the past 17 years, we've collaborated with tech giants like Microsoft, Cisco, Informatica, Okta, and many more, driving transformative changes and monumental sales growth.
Extra Mile Marketing Lori Stutsman Bellevue, WA 2003 12 -14% Extra Mile Marketing specializes in providing creative marketing solutions for technology companies. Ranked among the best social media marketing agencies in Bellevue in 2022. Extra Mile Marketing has worked with technology companies and their partners, providing marketing and sales support since 2003. Specializing in cloud services, we have helped sell thousands of seats and have generated millions in sales for our clients. We produce high-quality, engaging, and interactive content that efficiently markets your solutions and service offerings to key audience members, attracting the right prospects. As a certified women-owned business, Extra Mile Marketing has a focus on diversity and inclusion, and recognizes the importance of global messaging.
Extu Steven Prebble Atlanta, GA 1994 152 33% We offer global channel marketing solutions, enabled by innovative technology and expert full-service teams, that drive strategic growth for clients and their resellers.
Filament Jeremy Balius North Sydney, NSW 2022 5 N/A Filament is a digital marketing agency specializing in B2B tech businesses and vendor channel programs. Whether it’s hardware, software or cloud solutions, we make it easier to take new products and services to market, enter new markets and expand your reach with digital marketing and advertising. We have been recognized for our B2B tech marketing and partner marketing by winning the "Best Content Marketing Campaign" at the 2022 Semrush Search Awards Australia. We’re deeply committed to channel partner programs and partner ecosystems. We embrace the challenges that channel-first businesses face, we understand the complexities, and bring a single minded-focus to making your partnerships your source of greatest strength. We work with organizations across APAC, SE Asia and US, and engage with business leaders to help them attract new prospects, generate demand, nurture leads, and win new customers.
Firneo Scott
New York, USA 2018 30 36% Firneo teaches you how to be a more confident and capable partnerships leader. Partnerships isn't a job you studied in school. You're surrounded by colleagues that don't really understand what you do. No one handed you the playbook on how to do your job well. So where can you go for help and support? Firneo. With Firneo, you're not alone. It's free to join and you'll get access to content, events, and courses where you'll learn from the world's top partnerships experts - people who've actually been in your shoes before and actually understand the work you do. Learn more at
GetChanneled Ted
Raleigh, NC 2014 4 -20% GetChanneled helps IT manufacturers and suppliers develop successful channel sales and marketing programs.
Gilroy Associates Kevin
Westtown, PA 2018 3 0% Gilroy Associates is a strategic consulting firm founded by Kevin Gilroy and Carrie Maslen. The team is comprised of executives with a combined 150 years of experience working for and in Fortune 100, Mid-Market, SMB, Government, and Non-Profit sectors, and titles ranging from the President of a Fortune 500 company to VP of Strategy, from SVP of a Fortune 25 company to VP of Operations. With experience spanning around the globe, including working for and leading both U.S. and foreign-owned companies, we have maintained a strong worldwide network and a proven track record in the channel and direct space. Our relationships with employees, peers, partners, and customers are the result of our belief that it is our responsibility to deliver outstanding results, and our obligation to be servant leaders.
Global Touch Denise Sangster Berkeley, California 1990 6 -14% Global Touch knows the power of partners. We are a partner-focused strategy and go-to market transformation consulting firm for the hybrid and digital computing world. We focus on accelerating our clients’ revenues through world class, profitable partners. Partners’ success equals our clients’ success. Growing predictable revenue requires our clients to stay ahead of disruptive market trends, while unleashing the power of partners. This is our sweet spot! Traditional partner models are becoming obsolete. We look over the horizon to lead our customers through conventional and creative partnerships, while navigating unparalleled market dynamics and changes. Looking for answers to scale and create predictable revenue through profitable partners? Global Touch can help!
Gorilla Carlo Tortora Brayda San Francisco, CA 1992 51 -32% Gorilla Corporation is a leading provider of vendor partner marketing technologies and services for the IT channel. Gorilla enables next generation partnering and helps technology vendors build broad channel ecosystems and partner programs and ensuring scalable revenue growth. Gorilla’s headquarters are located in San Francisco, USA with local offices in Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific regions.
GTM Growth Partners Chris
Denver CO 2019 3 -25% Emerging B2B companies need a full complement of commercial expertise and a professional foundation for selling and marketing long before they can afford a full team. At times, mature companies need outside observance and analysis to help answer the question: why has growth decelerated? GTM Growth Partners is a US-based firm 100% focused on the sales and GTM functions of private B2B companies. Provided services: B2B Growth Advisory, Program Design, Implementation. Affordable assistance with identifying and implementing revenue growth programs, sales foundations installations, project-based development of sales strategies and the selling, staffing and Llead generation playbooks needed to establish a successful sales function. Enterprise & rep-level sales triage. Sprint-style analysis at the organizational and individual rep levels designed to answer the question "why aren't we selling like we should be?"
GTM Partners Sangram Vajre Atlanta, GA 2022 43 1,000%+ Understand the GTM landscape, the categories, and use cases. Talk to us about - market change, POV, brand & product positioning evaluation, category definition, pricing and packaging. Make these two-way conversations your GTM competitive advantage, get a voice of the industry perspective on - GTM operating system, GTM trends, ARR, NRR, GRR, GTM technology cloud evaluation, GTM motions, and plays.
Hockey Stick Advisory Bryan Williams Melbourne, VIC 2022 2 100% Hockey Stick Advisory works with you and your team to deeply understand your offering, identify and prioritize ideal partners, design partnership value proposition, develop a bespoke partnership strategy, and then guide your team through execution.
Inner Onion Steve
San Francisco, California 2020 3 50% We enable international technology companies to supercharge US market entry and sales growth. We help define your product market fit, then we target your ideal customers. We build long lasting partner ecosystems. For B2B companies seeking to expand their reach in the United States, Inner Onion serves as a technology-driven sales team. Our market research capabilities allow us to identify your target audience, validate important business assumptions, and personalize interactions with your ideal customers to implement a successful sales strategy. Inner Onion has a proven track record of executing effective go-to-market plans and establishing meaningful, long-lasting partner networks. Our team provides specialized expertise and direct support to ensure your success, working closely with your team to achieve optimal results in the US market. Our objective is to help you succeed and generate positive sales outcomes.
IPED (The Channel Company) John Machado Westborough, MA 1994 574 0% The Channel Company is enabling technology partnerships across the channel ecosystem. With more than three decades of experience as the premier provider in the channel, The Channel Company helps the IT Channel with communication, recruitment, enablement, engagement, demand generation, and intelligence.
Is Inspired Gina
Denver, CO 2008 12 -14% At Is Inspired, our goal is to empower your bold channel ideas through infrastructure. Our team of highly passionate and inspired problem solvers truly delight in partnering with customers to overcome obstacles to channel success. Our approach: Assess - we conduct assessments to pinpoint quick wins with long-term business impact. Architect - we architect & implement solutions to help you achieve your strategic goals. Achieve - we help you achieve greater partner satisfaction and adoption to maximize business value. Our services: We offer a results-oriented approach to channel infrastructure services.
JS Group Janet
Palm Beach, FL 2002 60 32% We develop high-performance sales cultures and effective channels to market for tech firms. We've been doing so since 2002, with industry-award-winning programs and customer engagements. We're here to help our clients capitalize on changes in tech innovation, customer buying behavior, and evolving distribution and resale models. Whether you need help tweaking your strategy, boosting sales effectiveness, finding and training new talent, or evolving your channels-to-market model, we’ve got you covered.
KLA Group Kendra
Centennial, CO 1995 29 16% A B2B digital marketing agency and sales training company that helps companies between US$1M – 8M in annual revenue create sustainable growth and scale. In the competitive world of B2B business, it's common for companies to feel like they've tried everything to attract new clients, yet success remains elusive. Often, this perception of trying "everything" boils down to implementing one-size-fits-all marketing plans or relying on single sales strategies. Unfortunately, these approaches often fall short of their revenue-generation potential because they fail to address the holistic needs of a business. At KLA Group, we understand that the true path to success lies in the integration of marketing and sales. When you miss this crucial link, you're essentially leaving money on the table, giving your competitors the upper hand. KLA Group offers a unique B2B Revenue Generation System that takes into account the entire landscape – sales, marketing, and leadership.
Kloud Readiness George Mellor Plymouth, MA 2014 1 0% KloudReadiness - your SaaS-based business assessment platform that provides you with the insight needed to effectively create a subscription-based business that will enable you to create and grow cloud and digital services - quickly. KloudReadiness'​ SaaS Platform is designed to help Value Added Resellers and Solution Providers determine if they should enter or broaden their business within a given practice area. If you are considering the Cloud, Big Data, Security and The Internet of Things our platform will capture all the major elements and decision points that need to be weighed and vetted prior to a decision to invest to ensure you are ready to invest and succeed in a new business area. The platform will seek to capture all the major elements and decision points that need to be weighed and vetted prior to a decision to invest in Cloud.
Kovendi Chris
London, UK 2019 4 -20% We deliver thought leadership and commercial insight for indirect sales organizations. We design and deploy go to market models that accelerate growth in rapidly changing industries. Kovendi is a bChannels Consulting Partner. Companies today face previously unseen rates of change. Digital transformation is shifting the competitive landscape, and services revenues are replacing legacy income streams. New sales models are needed, particularly for indirect routes to market through partners and distribution. We are trusted by the world’s largest companies to create effective partner ecosystems. We also develop indirect sales models for businesses in transformation or in high-growth phases. We offer access to industry best practice and proven partnering models that deliver measurable sales results.
Launch GTM Mike
Green Bay, WI 2021 9 125% The Launch GTM leadership team has centuries of experience in executive channel leadership, channel partner strategy, XaaS partner program design, partner relationship management, P&L leadership, and high-growth business strategy. We’ve built businesses from the ground up and thrived in some of the best Fortune 500 companies. Launch GTM’s industry proven advisory services and engagement solutions address needs at every stage of accelerating your channel engagement strategy for less than the cost of one employee. Whether new or knowledgeable with the channel, Launch GTM is ready to help you with experience-based solutions and services. Our approach is founded on solving your channel problems today to get you to where you want to be tomorrow. There’s nothing we like better than helping companies grow faster via the channel ecosystem.
Levels Ventures Maury G Sydney, Australia 2017 9 29% Growth Assessment & Go To Market Strategy > Partner Program Assessment & Development > Strategic Vendors Alignment > Channel Recruitment > Modern Selling > Channel Retention & Activation > Traditional IT Channel Transformation To MSP/MSSP ✅ For System Integrators/ Channel Partners/ MSPs/ and MSSPs > Sales Acceleration Strategies > GoToMarket Assessment > Strategic Vendors Alignment > Market Expansion > Modern Selling > Leads Generation Acceleration Our Clients : ✅ Traditional IT Vendors ✅ SaaS Vendors ( more focus on Cloud, and Cloud Security) ✅ Distributors ✅ Channel Partners ✅ System Integrators ✅ MSPs ✅ MSSPs We are looking forward to partnering with you in your success journey For more information please contact us at the following emails:"}">Since 2017, we have been empowering Vendors, Distributors, Channel Partners, MSPs, and MSSPs Businesses To Drive More Business, More Often across APAC and EMEA regions. Our principals bring more than 30+ years of experience across the Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and Management Consulting industries. Our client’s list include and not limited to: [1] Fortune 100 IT Vendors and IT Distributors [2] Fortune 500 IT Vendors and IT Distributors [3] Series C and above Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Security, and CyberSecurity companies [4] Local/ Regional System Integrators, Managed Service Providers (MSPs), and Manages Security Service Providers (MSSPs).
MarketImpact Nikolett Basco-Albaum Snohomish, WA 2016 6 0% Named a Forrester Top 13 Channel PR firm globally, Market Impact is a trusted partner of B2B technology companies to elevate their brands for strategic growth. Whether you’re a technology startup, pursuing your next round of funding, or preparing for merger or acquisition, Market Impact delivers tangible business results. Tired of marketing agency fluff or PR metrics detached from business results? We are too. How are we different? By taking our nearly 50 years of combined client-side marketing experience to roll up our sleeves and work as part of your internal team on critical marketing and PR priorities. Understanding your goals from a client perspective and mapping them directly to measurable external tactics is why we get real results — helping you deliver the right messages to the right audiences at the right time.
Marketopia Terry Hedden Pinellas Park, FL 2014 207 -1% Marketopia—the premier marketing and demand generation agency for the IT channel—helps MSPs, VARs and vendors accelerate growth. Our smart marketing, appointment setting, sales tools and training, and proven system are based on real-world industry expertise. We help you generate a constant flood of leads, close more deals and drive clear results from every marketing dollar. Marketopia was founded to provide innovative and powerful marketing and sales solutions for the technology industry. Our firm is uniquely positioned with depth and expertise in the entire IT channel, from software, hardware and cloud vendors to distributors to MSP and VAR resellers.
Measurable Impact Sandeep Joshi Sydney, Australia 2015 7 0% Welcome to Measurable Impact, a strategic tech B2B growth agency. We have a deep understanding of the complexities of the tech industry and the nuances of the tech channel and we use it to help businesses like yours achieve measurable growth. As we work exclusively with the tech industry, we know the specific challenges and opportunities that arise in this space and understand the importance of both staying ahead of the curve and ensuring an ROI on your marketing investments. By teaming up with us, you will benefit from our expertise and experience in tech B2B marketing. We work closely with our clients to develop tailored marketing strategies, frameworks, and campaigns that align with their business objectives and allow them to drive measurable results.
Mojenta Angela Leavitt San Diego, California 2010 15 -40% Founded in 2010, Mojenta (formerly Mojo Marketing) has powered the growth of nearly 300 B2B technology companies. Mojenta provides outsourced marketing services for Telecom, IT and Cloud Companies. We drive results through content marketing, social media and PR services to businesses that want awesome quality with high impact.
Morris Management Partners Ryan
Gig Harbor, WA 2010 2 0% Morris Management Partners, Inc. is a consulting and business development firm serving IT channel companies. Our services are delivered in a flexible format based on client requirements, including private consulting projects, ongoing coaching services, private or public training events, speaking at conferences or events. Our point of view on how to build a business that thrives in the technology channel has been refined over decades of combined exprience in the technology industry. Having worked with, for, and around small and large technology solution providers, IT distributors, and vendor companies ranging from the most established Fortune 500 companies to spunky new start-ups, it's our position that the business dynamics of the channel have changed substantially over the past few years - and these changes require channel companies to adapt, or disappear.
Moxie Insights James Henderson Syndey, AU 2023 4 N/A Moxie exists to elevate people and businesses – we believe in the power of inspiration and knowledge. Combining media brand creativity with depth of analysis, we amplify voices of authority, highlight essential intelligence and connect influential minds. Our editorial insights, research data and executive networks fuel our ambition.
MSP-Ignite Jon Silber Nanuet, NY 2009 4 -20% Are you a managed services provider? Learn about MSP best practices in your own personalized peer group. Our MSP focused peer groups let you compare practices and implement changes that lead to greater success and profitability. MSP-Ignite offers a peer group experience that is unique to managed service providers in the technology industry. If you are serious about implementing a model for success through sharing and collaboration of best practices this is the best way to do it. In these groups, you learn from the successes and challenges of your peers, while finding solutions to common problems. MSP-Ignite offers peer groups that are custom tailored to MSPs and always attended by certified consulting partners.
MSP Toolkit Len DiCostanzo Watertown, MA 2006 1 0% We help vendors build partner programs designed to accelerate MSP, VAR and technology solution provider revenue streams by recruiting and acquiring the best partners, enabling them to activate quickly and support partner growth efforts over the long haul
mspsalesrevolution Jennifer Bleam Waldorf, MD 2019 4 0% We help you sell cybersecurity to small businesses quickly, easily (and most importantly) profitably.
Nurture Marketing Erik
South River, NJ 2014 14 0% Nurture Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that helps companies build lasting relationships with their prospects and customers. Our experience shows that relationships built on trust with a clear understanding of client needs result in strong business growth. We offer a wide range of services, from content development to fully executed custom campaigns. Each option is designed to enable our clients to become top-of-mind with new prospects and to provide real value in meeting the needs of their current customers. We tailor our services in response to your particular requirements and budget to help you achieve your business goals. Our unique nurture methodology has proven successful for clients ranging from startups to global corporations including Microsoft, Nokia, and New York Life.
nVision Consulting Group Robert
Chicago, IL 2007 4 -17% Founded in 2007, nVision Consulting Group optimizes our clients performance by aligning their business and technology strategies, enabling and accelerating routes to market, accentuating differentiation through unique value creation, and driving value realization powered by digital transformation. Our services are focused around the following core competencies: business strategy, digital transformation, customer experience, routes to market and channels, product and service creation, and portfolio management. Headquartered in Chicago, IL, nVision has a global focus and has delivered consulting engagements in more than 45 countries on six continents. From vision to execution, nVision can help you achieve your business objectives, capture key market transitions and develop sustainable strategic and competitive advantages.
On Demand Advisors Robert Jurkowski San Jose, CA 2008 6 50% We are the revenue acceleration experts for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Our singular focus is to partner with chief executives including the CEO, CMO and CSO, business owners and entrepreneurs to help you achieve explosive revenue growth and win your target markets. We help you create your revenue growth strategy, provide vital execution services and implement revenue driven solutions. In addition we have created a proven and capital efficient approach to significantly grow your revenue without mindless marketing and sales experimentation. This approach has been implemented at many successful B2B companies. We connect strategy to execution to results.
Outbound (Channel 360) Tracy
Hartley Wintney, UK 1999 97 10% We’re obsessed about influencing channels. Our knowledge and expertise helps clients better understand and grow their channel. We've been creating innovative channel technologies and solutions for nearly two decades. If you're looking for channel influence then you've found it. If you're looking for a forward thinking career in sales and marketing, you've found that too. Perhaps you can chat to our Digital Assistant Obi and find out a little more about us.
Paal15 Maarten ten Broeke Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2011 20 11% Our proven methodology starts with developing market positioning and value propositions, then bringing strategy to life with narrative and creative messaging, and making sure our customers get results with hands-on go-to-market to drive value across your business, market, and ecosystem.
Partner Now Eran Rosenblum Tel-Aviv, Israel 2017 1 0% We engage with growth-stage technology companies that are seeking acceleration and expansion via in-direct sales routes. We bring wealth of experience across different technologies, territories, sectors and business models that help you optimize your partner programs, enhance your partner experience and ultimately help your channel ecosystem to sell more. In other words, we simplify, challenge and explore better ways for you to have an impact. ​We work alongside founders, CEOs, executive teams, boards, VCs and private investors.
Partner Perspectives Tim
Fort Myers, FL 2006 6 20% Partner Perspectives and our business associates provide comprehensive research, advisory services and custom channel consulting services. Our team is experienced in identifying and executing core business strategies which include channels as a fundamental element. Why are we different? We live in the partner world. We operate reseller businesses. We have worked in global, two-tier distribution organizations. We have built and run partner and alliance groups within a myriad of high tech corporations. We have led successful channel-centric sales organizations. We understand, firsthand, what works and what doesn’t work with partner sales engagement, programs and investments. Our clients save time and money by leveraging our unique industry familiarity, awareness and guidance to accelerate their channel sales momentum. Partner Perspectives is an operating division of TJL Information Technologies, Inc.
Partner Ready Ed
New York City, NY 2019 19 -10% Developing ecosystems, partnerships, and alliance programs are arguably one of the most overlooked, misunderstood, and underappreciated components of a company's strategy. Most CEOs and company executives admit that they do not know what their partner ecosystem should look like or how to get started. Not anymore! Who is PartnerReady? PartnerReady provides "fractional partner leaders" to technology companies and service providers. Our fractional leaders are seasoned practitioners (partnership executives & leaders) who have spent years building and growing partnership programs BD & corp dev programs, and ecosystem strategies for large tech companies and startups alike.
Partnernomics Mark Brigman Kansas City, MO 2014 8 100% In 2014, Partnernomics® was founded by Mark Brigman, Ph.D. on the belief that “there has to be a better way to lead partnerships.” Studies commonly show that channel partnerships experience 80-90% failure rates and solutions partnerships see a 70% failure rate. Our belief set us on a mission to create the global standard B2B partnership methodology. Since then, we’ve developed the first partner operations software native to® that executes a holistic partnering methodology (Partnernomics IQ). We offer the only university-backed partnering methodology certification which has been earned by partnering professionals from organizations of all sizes — startups to Fortune 10. Our proprietary software, methodology, certifications, and implementation services allow clients to efficiently adopt the science of partnering and achieve operational excellence in each of their partnering programs.
PartnerPath Diane Krakora Menlo Park, CA 1998 106 3% PartnerPath is a partnering development consulting company based in Silicon Valley, California, wholly dedicated to helping companies elevate the impact of partnering at any stage of their partner and channel development cycle. They achieve this by effectively designing, implementing and optimizing channel and alliance models. Alex Glenn Chicago, IL 2019 7 0% Where digital agencies and technology teams align and grow. We are a partner program in a box - first learn from our workshops, then deploy inside Partnerhub to find, activate and enable new partnerships.
Peer2Peer Partners Tom Newton Vancouver, Canada 2017 2 0% Do you want more customers? Traffic creation, lead Routing and nurturing, guaranteed appointments done for you, digital marketing services.
Phoenix Consulting Group Norma Watenpaugh San Jose, CA 2002 3 0% Phoenix Consulting Group partners with our clients to optimize collaborative business relationships. We help companies accelerate revenue, tap new sources of innovation and open new markets through effective alliances and partner ecosystems. PhoenixCG stays on the forefront of collaborative best practices through active leadership in advancing standards in collaborative business practices and professional certification. Our consultants combine strategic perspective with practical professional experience ensuring we deliver actionable recommendations that have real world relevance.
Portland Europe George van Brugge Heemstede, The Netherlands 1998 10 11% Value add distributor for MSP's 20 years of experience in tools for technology service providers and IT professionals who want to get their job done faster and cheaper. We make their professional lives easier with cloud services and software for MSP's. Portland Trading Desk Sourcing licenses is time consuming, especially for your non-core (cloud) software. Non-core software demand is rising i.e. due to the consumerization of IT. Dealing with incidental vendors and varying payment conditions is inefficient for your finance department. Outsource your (non-core) software procurement to our Trading Desk. It means eliminating time consuming quotations, remove sourcing redundancies and regain finance and back office efficiency. One PO-number, standardized payment conditions and eliminating foreign currency exposure.
PureChannels Glenn Robertson Battle, UK 2005 15 -6% We are indirect specialists with decades of experience delivering success across the global channel. Put simply, we exist to support and assist you in maximizing your indirect revenue. Since our founding in 2005, we’ve remained steadfast in our dedication to helping vendors and distributors boost revenue, foster relationships, and maximize ROI from their indirect GTM. The channel can be complex and often underappreciated, we get it. We truly understand this space and go above and beyond to provide exceptional channel services that have been historically lacking. Our extensive experience and unparalleled expertise enable us to deliver impactful results that are precisely tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of every part of the Channel.
PXP (Partner Experience) Bernard Friedrichs Berlin, Germany 2021 2 0% We are leading the way to Capital-Efficient Growth (CEG). As industry experts, we enable software as a service (SaaS) companies to grow and scale capital-efficient and sustainable with the power of partnerships and create revenue and innovation-driving ecosystems. PartnerXperience (PXP) was founded by Bernhard Friedrichs and Martin Scholz, who combine more than 25 years of experience in growing and scaling several SaaS companies with strategic alliances across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. We believe that efficient partnership organizations are crucial in the “Decade of Ecosystems” to win in this thriving industry. Successful partnerships are built upon two main pillars: creating an added value that increases the customer experience and providing an excellent partner experience.
QTA Group Sal Mohammed London, UK 2017 34 325% We help high-growth tech companies find, launch and manage game changing commercial partnerships.
Radius Channels Howard Goldberg Engelwood, CO 2021 24 140% Radius Channels is singularly focused on increasing your channel profitability through flawless execution and the timely delivery of innovative, customized support resources. Simply put, we are a catalyst for accelerating growth! We accomplish this by providing a white-glove approach to sales, technical, operations and marketing that is tailored to your organization.
Rebel GTM Mark Dingman Silicon Valley, CA 2018 7 75% You can improve your GTM and grow your company now.... or you can wait 9-12 months until you hire a GTM leader who then also needs time to build a team and establish operations. For most startup companies, 12 months is far too long.
revenue & associates Louis Gudema Newton, MA 2014 1 0% revenue + associates helps companies significantly increase revenue through measurable improvements in sales and marketing. We start with your business goals and revenue generation challenges, prioritize the best opportunities for growing revenue, and then we work with you to take advantage of them. We’re technology agnostic. Over 1,000 companies offer sales and marketing software today in dozens of categories, and new channels (social, mobile, wearables, the Internet of Things, etc.) are popping up almost annually. It can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything that you’re doing today that works. For many companies the greatest opportunities are in integrating these digital programs with effective, traditional ones like trade shows, direct mail and even cold calling. And we know that how you undertake a new program is as, or even more, important than what you do.
Revere Agency Fiona McKenzie Marlow, UK 2017 66 2% Revere helps B2B technology companies find their space in a crowded, fast-moving world. From an external market perspective, we can see where you are best placed to engage your target audience. We also look at it from your side – acknowledging your internal boundaries, while focusing on getting your brand to its position of marketing power. Our advisory approach is all in, from market intelligence and strategic storytelling to visionary creative and digital impact. We develop B2B marketing with meaning – defining, shaping, and amplifying your value in a way that builds genuine connections with your audience. The world never stops, so it’s important to maximize your impact for the longer term. With our ongoing strategic guidance and outcome-driven services, you can transform marketing effectiveness in an evolving world.
Rhythm Of The Business, The Jan
Newton, MA 1999 2 0% The Rhythm of Business: Consulting and advisory services to empower ecosystem partnering, alliance, and collaboration success. Coaching and education for partnering leaders and team members technology + partnering is the formula for success in every industry. It is driving innovation and growth as companies embrace customer-obsessed, digitally-enabled new business models. Partnering is conceptually simple, but operationally very challenging. At The Rhythm of Business, we work with business leaders to develop their organization’s ecosystem partnering and alliance strategies, and build the operational and execution capabilities to drive success.
Rohner & Associates Mark
Los Gatos, CA 1994 3 0% Rohner & Associates delivers unique direct and indirect channel solutions that allow our customers to execute their sales strategy with confidence. Collectively, global and US based clients have seen billions in revenue growth, which can be attributed to the firm’s strategies and recommendations.
RW Consulting Richard Waldner Inning am Ammersee, Germany 2023 4 N/A

RW Consulting consists of experienced sales and business development professionals with over 25 years of experience in the IT and technology industry. Our expertise lies in developing sales strategies and building partner ecosystems, which we have expanded through our leadership positions with international companies such as Adobe, Apple, Avid, Yokoy, Testbirds, IngramMicro and others. As we have developed, we have led the implementation of successful partner programs and worked closely with strategic partners and alliances to establish new business opportunities. Our focus is on: Developing partner sales strategies, Building partner ecosystems, Channel sales management, Team leadership and management, Developing and implementing partner programs to ensure an always-active partner ecosystem.

Service Leadership (ConnectWise) Robert Bufano Plano, TX 2001 6 20% Service Leadership, a ConnectWise solution is dedicated to providing total profit solutions for IT solution and service providers, directly and through industry consultants and global technology vendors. The company publishes the leading vendor-neutral, solution provider financial and operational benchmark: Service Leadership Index®. This includes private diagnostic benchmarks for individual solution providers and their business coaches and consultants. The company also publishes SLIQ™, the exclusive web application for partner owners and executives to drive financial improvements by confidentially assessing and driving their Operational Maturity Level™. Service leadership offers advanced peer groups for solution providers of all sizes and business models, as well as executive and industry best practices education and speaking.
Sherpa Group Tom Perry Bedford, UK 2012 23 15% Sherpa is an award-winning, strategic, global, 100% Channel-focused tech agency that understands and manages all elements of partner development. Sherpa works with many of the world's leading technology companies, enabling channel transformation using six pillars of channel development; from planning and enablement to growth and measurement. These pillars allow Sherpa to assist with any element of channel management; with specialisms in global system integrators, alliances, vendors, partners and master agents development/support. Often the missing link between the large analyst firms and in region execution, Sherpa is the world's only true activation agency for transforming the Partner ecosystem.
Small Biz Thoughts Karl Palachuk Sacramento, CA 2003 1 0% Small Biz Thoughts is dedicated to helping IT consultants to be better at the business side of their business. We're a community built on a massive collection of educational resources from Karl W. Palachuk, the most prolific author, advocate, and pioneer of the managed service business model for IT consultants.
SMB Group Laurie McCabe Boston, MA 2009 5 -17% The SMB Group focuses exclusively on researching and analyzing the highly fragmented “SMB market”—which is comprised of many smaller, more discrete markets. We take a custom approach to working with clients, assessing where you are in the market today, and the steps you need to take to get where you want to be tomorrow. Our collaborative and pragmatic, actionable research approach provides you with insights and recommendations you need to capitalize on shifting market requirements and trends, and create successful go-to-market outcomes. We also work closely with your marketing team to help integrate key findings and deliverables into your marketing and media outreach campaigns to boost market awareness and consideration of your offerings.
Speedie Jason
Westgate-On-Sea, UK 2003 2 0% Established in 2003, we are experts in the field of partnership marketing. Our core focus revolves around five essential elements: affiliate marketing, referral marketing, loyalty marketing, cobranding, and white labelling. At Speedie Consulting, we harness the power of over 60 years' worth of combined marketing experience to deliver online marketing solutions. Our range of services includes: • Building and optimizing affiliate marketing programs: We excel at constructing and maximizing the potential of affiliate marketing initiatives. Let us help you drive growth and boost revenue through strategic partnerships. • Uncovering hidden revenue streams: We assist companies in identifying untapped revenue opportunities within their business. Our experienced team can help you unlock new pathways to profitability and long-term success.
Spur Reply Richard Flynn Bellevue, WA 2006 287 -18% Defining and managing a strong go-to-market strategy is critical for your business. Unfortunately, too many companies fail to focus on their go-to-market strategy as a competitive advantage. Combining actionable insights and a proven go-to-market approach, we help align your company’s culture, values, offerings, and people to transform your business from the inside and out. Solutions are tailored to you, whether your problem is large or small, in one area of business or across the entire organization.
Taylor Business Group Michael France Fort Lauderdale, FL 2001 21 40% Taylor Business Group (TBG) is a leading coaching, consulting, and business improvement firm for IT solution providers. TBG works with managed service providers (MSPs), technology service providers (TSPs), and other technology companies to help them understand the metrics and business methods that are critical to growth and profitability. The combination of executive coaching, financial reporting, business improvement groups, and marketing & sales training programs is what is needed to guide business owners through quickly changing technology services landscape
TDZ Consulting Tracy
Pheonix, AZ 2007 7 17% We believe nothing is created alone. We have an unwavering commitment to collaborating for client success. As a channel marketing agency, we support IT channel professionals (programs, marketing, sales, and alliances) and product owners who want to see the best ideas come to life and deliver more to their partners and organizations. Our mission is to bring creative solutions to challenging and unclear situations for forward-thinking leaders so that they can accomplish more without burning out. We work with select global enterprise technology vendors—from Fortune 500 companies and their subsidiaries to $1B startups—to support their channel partner programs, portals, and initiatives with to-, through-, and for-partner content and related services such as PRM management, data analytics, sales enablement, and strategy facilitation.
Technology Toolkit Robin Robins Brentwood, TN 2001 177 142% We are the IT industry's largest, longest-standing MSP marketing and IT services sales consulting firm, specializing in complete, results-driven coaching, services, tools and done-for-you marketing services. There's no doubt about it: Robin Robins and Technology Marketing Toolkit, Inc. has helped more VARs, MSPs and companies selling outsourced IT services to increase their lead flow, MRR, sales, profits and client base than any other marketing or sales consultant in the IT services industry, period. To date, over 10,000 IT firms have enrolled in one or more of her programs, and she has more documented client success stories than any other business, marketing or sales consultant in the IT services channel. For more information and dozens of free resources, visit our website.
Teckedin community Debby
Albuquerque, NM 2018 2 100% It is impossible to stay up on all the information covering AI, Blockchain, Cloud, Data and analytics, security. This is where Teckedin comes in. We curate, share, and categorize business technology information daily. We save you the time of going to numerous websites because we provide links and short descriptions, so you only click on what you need. No login or sign-ups are required. Our goal is to be updated by 7:00 a.m. MST. If you have content you would like to share on our knowledge base, let us know. We share what is shareable and are thankful to those who have shared their articles and knowledge on our site. There are also sponsorships available, if you are looking to increase visibility.
Tridigital / Honey CRM Giovanni Sanguily Allen, TX 2014 9 80% TRIdigital is an innovative Channel Marketing Agency that is founded and powered by channel marketing and sales experts. Our passion for art and technology has empowered us to push the boundaries of traditional channel marketing. From jaw-dropping creative, video games, augmented reality, software development, interactive web development, 3D animation, motion graphics, full-scale video production, and beyond! We are transforming the way the industry looks at channel marketing. Over the years we've worked with dozens of channel vendors and thousands of MSPs across 29 countries. Together as one team, we've generated over 100,000 leads that have resulted in over $800,000,000 in sales. Bring us your ideas and a challenge then sit back and experience the magic.
TruMethods Gary Pica Mooresville, NJ 2009 13 -24% TruMethods, a Kaseya company, is a coaching firm aimed at helping IT solution providers reach their full potential as managed service providers. The TruMethods’ Framework and Peer Groups transforms IT support businesses by providing a proven, repeatable to transform your business by showing you the right approach to leadership, solution packaging, sales process and results tracking through online tools, seminars and personal guidance.
Tubblog Richard Tubb Newcastle-Upon-Thyne, UK 2011 2 0% Do you need help to grow your managed service provider (MSP) or IT support business? I help IT companies grow in a scalable and sustainable way. I specialize in helping business owners to free up their time, concentrate on what is important and to make more money. Here are questions I'm frequently asked:-  How can I effectively log and bill for all the time we actually spend with clients? Am I charging the right amount for my Managed Service offering? How can I persuade clients to see me as something more than the “IT guys”? I typically work with the owners of MSP business between £500k - £3m turnover to help them overcome obstacles to growth. If you want to grow faster, I'm your guy. I started my own IT company in 2003 and sold it in 2010. Taking it through the many challenges of scaling up - has given me a clear understanding of the pleasures and pitfalls of making your IT company succeed.
Ulistic Stuart Crawford Sebring, FL 2010 25 0% Need a marketing company for your IT services companies that can do epic stuff? Stop screwing around with all the others and make the phone call to the only company that you can chat with on a Sunday night.
Ultimate Partner Vince Menzione Jupiter, FL 2017 3 200% Why Ultimate Partner? Over six years ago, I embarked on a mission to empower partners struggling to navigate the complex world of tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and AWS. Today, I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Ultimate Partner, an extraordinary media, events, and advisory company dedicated to transforming your cloud go-to-market (GTM) strategy and fostering ecosystem led growth. Having witnessed the industry from multiple perspectives – leading a $4.6 billion Ecosystem at Microsoft, spearheading partnerships for a billion-dollar company, and hosting 200 episodes of the Ultimate Guide to Partnering® -, I’ve gained invaluable insights and crafted a manifesto of principles to guide your success.
Union Resolute Mark Troy New York City, NY 2014 19 -5% For most B2B organizations, the set of accounts that are a good fit for their solutions is too broad to be addressed effectively with marketing and sales resources. Today’s buyers often leave extensive digital footprints as they’re researching solutions to their business problems. Intent monitoring tracks the research behaviors of buyers, allowing organizations to focus their resources on buyers that appear to be in the market. Union delivers the good leads.
Vation Ventures Joe O'Callaghan Denver, CO 2017 180 43% Every day we help forward-thinking leaders reshape how they innovate, providing them with access to powerful tools, technologies, and an ecosystem unlike anything currently in the market. This includes our research platform that enables companies to instantly source leading technologies, our bespoke innovation and go-to-market consulting services, and our global community of CXOs, VCs, and entrepreneurs. The ecosystem we orchestrate and the solutions we offer are utilized by Fortune 500 companies, Venture Capital firms, start-ups, channel partners, OEMs, and end customers across the globe - to invest in new ideas, improve how they do business, and drive performance.
Where NOW Mark
Glasgow, UK 2017 5 25% Where Now Consulting focuses on helping companies to grow and compete. Our services include market entry strategies, market assessment, sales and distribution strategy, management and optimization of sales and distribution teams, business performance improvement, mergers and acquisitions and company turnaround. The company aims to become the expert in helping companies deliver sustainable and profitable growth.
Xpandly Jay Janes London, UK 2022 6 N/A xpandly is a purpose-built go-to-market agency that helps technology vendors, distributors, and managed service providers create winning growth strategies. We combine data and experience to gain deep insights into the market, our client’s customers, and competitive industry participants. Our data-driven approach enables us to identify the most effective sales and marketing channels, messaging, and tactics to drive growth and scale.
Yeager Marketing Renee Yeager Scottsdale, AZ 2009 31 24% Yeager Marketing works with leading B2B technology organizations to produce innovative marketing strategies, cutting-edge content, and award-winning campaigns that streamline customer acquisition and accelerate growth. By helping define relevant issues and market needs for buyers, our agency offers the unique ability to articulate an organization’s value to their market in a way that resonates and enables organizations to break away from competitors. Founded in 2009, Yeager has produced award-winning marketing programs for more than half of the technology companies in the Fortune 500.
York Group, The Harald Horgen Bellevue, WA 1993 26 0% The York Group helps ISVs and other B2B technology companies manage the business and operational transformation needed to capitalize on significant shifts in technologies and markets. One of the industry’s most profound shifts is occurring today with the dramatic growth in Cloud adoption in the enterprise market. The York Group has been at the forefront of this change helping companies fundamentally transform their business to thrive in a subscription-based world. Since 1993, we have helped hundreds of technology companies throughout the world work through other business changes that are just as significant. With a presence in almost 30 countries, we help companies open up new streams of revenue through international expansion as well as expand business right at home by building better channels for high-performing sales.
ZeroQ Consulting Brendon Thwaites Sydney, Australia 2021 1 0% ZeroQ Consulting was founded with the intention of helping to source, facilitate and activate supply chains and partner ecosystems for high tech companies who intend to emerge or expand in the Asia Pacific, Japan, or Australasian markets. ZeroQ can operate in those voids where it is either difficult to justify full time headcount for channel management or limitations due to time zones, resourcing, travel restrictions or local market knowledge. ZeroQ can help you navigate the risks associated with such a diverse region by leveraging more than 20 years of experience working with successful hyper-growth and pre-IPO tech start-ups. We can help you get established in APAC without many of the risks. Our consulting services, productivity tools and training curriculum can be leveraged to align your indirect sales go-to-market during any phase of your first five years in the region.

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